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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,870

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It Would Really Be Funny That After Kelly Had Dinner With Trump & Listened To MSM Analysis.....

of his taking on the job of Chief of Staff - that on Monday - he comes to a decision not to take the job.

Trump Wants The Repugs To Focus On The Healthcare Bill Because It.....

effectively took the onus off the Russian investigation while the Repugs were voting in the Senate. The MSM and much of the American People were putting all their efforts in defeating it - and at the same time - all talk of the Russian investigation just about disappeared from the news.

Now that the healthcare bill is history - a number of Trump's tweets are still focused on healthcare cause he knows as long as that is the topic of conversation around the country -the MSM or we won't be talking much about Russia.

How Soon Will Trump Ask Dennis Rodman To Set Up A One-On-One Meeting With....

Kim Jong Un?

I wouldn't put that past Trump. Him being the penultimate deal maker.

Actually I'm Kind Of Comforted That Kelly Will Be Chief Of Staff.....

Close to Trump - he'll be able to monitor the craziness first hand. I've said before the only way to extract Trump from the WH short of impeachment, resignation - is for a 'peaceful military takeover'. Kelly being a General would be the inside man to pull this off - if Trump really goes off the reservation as he gets backed into a corner and tries to start a war to try and bail himself out. I know this is a drastic measure - but it may be the only way to stop this madman.

If I'm not mistaken - in the last week or so - another former military talking head - may have eluded to the same thing.

If anyone remembers - please post a link to that here.

We are now on the precipice of a 'constitutional crisis'(CC). If Trump fires Sessions and goes for Mueller - which it still looks like this is his intention - we will face a 'CC' head on.

He already has Congress -particularly his Party - dysfunctional. He's at war with the Repug Party. From the looks of his Tweets today - I sense that the next thing we'll see him doing is going after the heads of McConnell and Ryan in an attempt to put sycophants in those leadership positions. He can't win fair and square - so we'll be watching him stack the deck.

If you thought this last week was crazy - I believe the real crazy is about to hit us.

OK Donald - How Would You Like To Make A Lot Of Money From Me Said The Mooch To Trump.....

Here's the scheme. You hire me as your communications director at the WH. In the meantime - have your people approve the sale of my company. Me working at the WH and having your approval - will expedite that sale - you can see to that.

Then I'll create a lot of commotion in the WH after I'm on the job and piss off enough people so that the MSM applies pressure on you and then you'll have an excuse to fire me. You'll look good cause you acted presidential and fired me. I'll gladly leave the WH - fat, dumb and happy. Once I'm clear of the WH - I'll transfer X dollars into your foreign bank account. See Donald - everybody wins.

Trump Is Flapping His Gums To A Bunch Of Police Now....

he just referenced Chicago and said that he had a motorcade of 300 motorcycle cops take him through the city.

He's jibber jabbering and I'm sure he's gone off script.

This man is really sick.

I Wish I Had Better Computer Skills Because I Would Put Together A Video Of....

revealing the man behind the curtain. (wizard of oz reference)

Trump sitting on a golden toilet with his pants down below his knees - tweeting.

That's all he's got.

Suddenly - the wizard of oz is becoming more and more of a political statement than a kid's movie.

So Mr.Trump - Are You Sick And Tired Of Us Winning Yet?......

Tables have been turned on Trump. Some in Congress have realized the only way you take on a bully is to stand up to them. Now that some have stood up to Trump it will give the confidence to others to stand up to Trump's bullying and put an end to his threats and lies. Then we can win so much that he'll be sick and tired of us winning. You can't bully us any more - Mr. Trump.

Last night was just a start.

I Finally Figured Out A Way To Get The WH Under Control.....

bring in Mark Burnett as an executive producer and have him direct and produce everything that's coming out of the WH.

He might be one of the only people that Trump would listen to.

I Hear That The Repugs Are Saying That Trump Will Have Hell To Pay If He Uses The Recess....

to fire Sessions and appoint a new AG.

They are making those threats that he will have hell to pay if he uses the privilege of the 'recess appointment'.

I'm thinking that they are idle threats. If they really don't want Trump to use the 'recess appointment' in this manner - they were real effective in preventing President Obama from utilizing the 'recess appointment'.

If they really feel that Trump will use the 'recess appointment' to his advantage - the Repugs have the tools to put in place - just like they did for Obama - and prevent Trump from doing this.

They can stay in session and prevent 'recess appointments'.
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