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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,870

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I Just Realized That Trump Is A Combination Of All The Bad Kids From....

Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

He's got all their bad qualities and many more.

Any Connections Between Rudy Giuliani And Peter W. Smith?.....

I don't remember the details - but didn't Rudy step in it with respect to Hillary's e-mails? Just wondering if he knew or had contact with the Repug operative Peter W. Smith of WSJ article fame?

Is Illinois Turning Over Voter Records To Trump's Commission....nt

Because Of His Mika Tweet - Trump Is Taking His Lumps - But We Must Never Lose Sight That....

Trump was brought to us compliments of the Repug Party that always circles the wagons around him to protect him so they can use him to achieve their agenda of power and greed.

Going into 2018 and 2020 - we need to make sure that those elections are not just about Trump. We must keep the focus on the Repug Party and run against them. If we defeat the Repug Party and take back the House and Senate - we can then deal with the likes of Trump.

If again - we put our focus only on Trump - we again let the Repugs off the hook and still in power to continue their damage to this country. We cannot let that happen.

Is Trump The Beatles - Fool On The Hill?.....

Sees the sun going down and the eyes in his head sees the world spinning round.

Nobody wants to know him they can see that he's just a fool
And he never gives an answer but the fool on the hill.....

Well on the way, head in a cloud
The man of a thousand voices talking perfectly loud
But nobody ever hears him or the sound he appears to make
And he never seems to notice
But the fool on the hill.....

Is One Of The Reasons The Repugs Are Doing This Health Care Thingy In Secret Because.....

they don't want to have to live up to Trump's promises that he made while campaigning with respect to it?

His promises were contrary to Repug thinking and there is no way that they would go along with Trump on it.

I'm thinking that they are keeping Trump at arms length on this too. They don't want him to catch wind that they are using him and his name (Trumpcare) to pass a health care bill that is not in line with what Trump was promising.

If and when this bill gets passed - it will be signed by Trump. It will affectionately be know as Trumpcare. When Trump is impeached or loses his presidency in this Russian thingy. The Repugs will blame anything negative that this healthcare bill brings to the table - on Trump. Trump is the patsy on this and as long as the Repugs keep saying nice things to him and stoking his ego - he'll go along with what they say and do. However, if he catches on how they are using him - I think they'll have hell to pay.

Any thoughts on this?

Has Anyone Here On DU Tried The Test Max Nutrition Program?.....

Somehow I came across this system to build testosterone levels for an aging male and I'm a bit skeptical about its claims.

I was wondering if anyone here on DU has tried out the system and if such a system works. What makes me skeptical is that when I googled reviews of the system - it seems like this group that makes this program available has the internet sites covered such that anytime you link to a review - it looks like it's coming from the same people. So I'm not sure how reliable these reviews are.

It talks about a 3 phase plan. Phase 1 is detoxing from estrogens in body. Phase 2 begin eating foods that build testosterone and Phase 3 to basically maintain adequate levels of testosterone to maintain peak lifestyle.

The foods that they say boost test are many that I like and would eat to maintain such a diet. I'm looking now for recipes that speak to the issue of detoxing estrogens and boosting testosterone.

Any comments would be appreciated.

One of the things that they say is that a males dietary needs are totally different from a female and that most diets that are out there speak more to the females needs vs male needs.

I'm willing to give this a try as I would like to reduce my belly fat and this method seems to make sense. But I'd still like to hear from someone that has either tried it and succeeded with it or maybe it just doesn't work.

Couldn't This Whole Health Care Thing Be Solved If We....

moved to a Medicare For All system?

Medicare is a widely popular and successful program. If it were expanded to all Americans and subsidized through paycheck deductions much like Social Security wouldn't it pay for itself?

It would end ACA or Obamacare as we know it now - which should satisfy Repugs - repeal and replace mission.

It would satisfy Dems in that all Americans would be covered.

They could add in the mix - being able to negotiate drug pricing with big Pharma. The fact that all Americans would be covered should satisfy big Pharma in that the sheer volume of people would be such that it would compensate for the negotiated pricing. Less costly - but more volume of use because all Americans would be covered.

Preventative care aspects would be incorporated to get all Americans to a healthy baseline and minimize for the future those unexpected illnesses base on unhealthy lifestyles.

Health insurance companies - just like with Medicare could sell supplemental plans that cover the 20% that wouldn't be covered by the Medicare for all plan. Supplemental - dental and vision plans could be sold by insurance companies as well.

The invinsibles that now don't buy into health insurance because they feel they don't need it would be included and help subsidize the whole program.

With respect to the providers of health care (hospitals, docs, pharmacists, etc) their lives would be simplified in that they would only have to deal with one universal insurance form (i.e., paperwork) for reimbursement. They would also benefit by the fact that more people would be using their services than now. We would eliminate the people that don't have insurance that go to the emergency rooms for their care and wind up never paying.

I'm thinking that such a program would satisfy all sides of this health insurance controversy.

I keep hearing that health insurance/health care is complicated. It is because it is all basically cobbled together - piecemeal like.

If a Medicare For All system was employed it would be one cohesive plan - simplified - not mean - with heart that would ultimately lift the health of all Americans as it takes hold and progresses forward.

It doesn't need to be complicated. It is complicated because - right now - that is what we choose to live with because everybody wants their fingers in the monies associated with providing health insurance and health care services.

This is what the politicians in D.C. should be putting together and not putting plans together secretly in the back rooms of the Capitol and springing them on the unsuspecting public without input or debate.

Where Did MSNBC Get These Docs That Steph Is Interviewing.....

They are echoing the Repug talking points.

Phil Donahue Seems To Have Seen His Better Days.....

not the old Donahue of old. I expected more from him this A.M.

Move on and deal with it? Come on Phil.
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