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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,852

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Who Is This Evelyn Farkas That Spicer Is Referring To And....

what did she do or say? Is this just another WH smokescreen or is this something we should be concerned about?

Can't Wait To Watch Sean Spicer's Daily Presser....

hum ma na - hum ma na - hum ma na!!!!!!

If Flynn Fingers Trump - Will The Deplorables Believe Him?....

or will Trump convince them that Flynn is a disgruntled former employee that he fired and that he is lying just to get back at Trump?

With Respect To Flynn's Request For Immunity....

Shouldn't the FBI have the say so? I wouldn't want either the Senate or the House committed to offer immunity as these committee's are too partisan.

I Soil My Pants If I Get A Parking Ticket Or A Speeding Ticket - The Trump Team Is Being.....

scrutinized by the FBI and Congressional Intelligence Committee's for collusion with Russia in the election and ongoing collusion with Russia since Trump has been elected.

The seriousness of these accusations is beyond the pale. How do these people sleep at night and why do they continue to lie about this? How do they handle the pressure of these investigations without cracking?

If it comes to pass that there has been collusion and a follow-up cover-up - these people face serious jail time.

I just don't understand how they thought they could get away with something like this.

Is it because they thought that they had things covered by winning the Trifecta - the presidency, the House and the Senate? Did they think that they could just sweep this under a carpet if they put the right people in certain positions within this administration?

I don't get it.

As Trump Touts Jobs, Jobs, Jobs - Trying To Take Credit For Something That's Been On The Books.....

since 2015 - he's hemorrhaging jobs lost in the retail sector due to the store closings of so many retail outlets by many of the major retailer's in this country.

Are There No Patriots Left In The Repug Party?......

Russia interfering with our elections is a real serious threat to our democracy. To make things worse - a lot of what's being labeled coincidence by the Repug Party - collusion between Trump's campaign team and Trump's transition team further exacerbates this situation.

What we've been witnessing since election day is the Repug's circling the wagons and protecting Trump and the people that surround him and as such - protecting Putin and the Russian interference.

I ask this serious question - are there no patriots left in the Repug Party - because - unless the Repug Party is up to it's neck involved in the collusion itself - why haven't any of the Party leaders stepped up to the plate and really demanded and pushed for getting to the bottom of this whole controversy? Just to put it behind them if as Trump is saying this is fake news.

Not stepping up signals - the Repug Party is part and parcel to the collusion - and not stepping up to demand getting to the bottom of this controversy is tainting the Party just as much. It suggests a major cover-up is going on behind the scenes which is just a damming.

What this country needs now is for seasoned Repug Party leaders to step up to the plate and demand once and for all a Special Independent Investigation - non-partisan - to get to the bottom of this whole controversy. These Party leaders must put country before Party and let the chips fall where they may - even if it implicates Trump and company and the Party itself.

Either way - stepping up and letting the chips fall where they may or - not stepping up to the plate to demand this will lead to the demise of the Party itself.

If - as some in the Party are saying - there is no there - there - isn't it in the Party's best interest to find that out and put it behind them?

Where are the patriot's in the Repug Party. Come on guys/gals - step up to the plate and do your job!!!!!

Is Trump Himself 'Deep Grope"....

Is he the one who gave Nunes the info at the WH that evening he went missing from his people in the Uber?

All These Trump People Volunteering To Go Before The Intelligence Committee To Testify.....

is problematic unless they testify under oath. Otherwise we'll just hear leaks of them lying and further obscuring the collusion.

They must testify in an open hearing and under oath.

What Are The Mechanics For Setting Up An Independent Investigation With A Special Prosecutor?....

What is their purpose? (I know it would be bipartisan - but what could we expect to expect from such a committee?

How does the ball get rolling?

Who appoints the committee?

What is the composition of the committee?

What are the parameters they work under?

Do they have any limitations?

I keep hearing people calling for an independent investigation with a special prosecutor - but really don't know how it comes about; where they take it and what it accomplishes (i..e., end result)?
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