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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,902

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Is Anyone Else Getting The Impression That The MSM Wants Trump To Fire Mueller.....

because the furor that such an act would cause would be good for ratings?

I started to feel uncomfortable the last couple of days as I hear more talking heads on the cable news shows keep talking about the possibility of Trump getting rid of Mueller. I don't want to believe that they would want to do such a thing - but I just got this funny feeling in my tummy that they would relish in the fallout from such an act by Trump.

I hope I'm wrong.

I Wonder What The First Disaster Will Be That Will Be Attributed To....

all of the deregulation Trump has made.

You know that there are accidents waiting to happen based on his 'deregulation'.

Who will he blame?

Trump Has Been Saying That There Is "No Collusion"...

a lot more often these days. I wish someone from the MSM would ask Trump 'what his definition of collusion is'.

Come on Donald 'what does collusion mean to you'?

I Wonder How Much Weight Trump Has Put On....

since election 2016? He's looking more and more like Chris Christie at his heaviest.

The fast foods and diet cokes are taking their toll. He might have even surpassed Christie in weight already.

Trump Doesn't Have The Stones To Collude With Putin/Russia.....

He's not smart enough to collude. He wouldn't know how to even begin a dialogue with the Russians and Putin. He's was too stupid to even try.

And I just saw a clip of him on the national news as he was golfing. He's is really getting fat. He's getting to look as fat as Chris Christie.

I'm willing to bet he's not as rich as he says he is. That is why he won't show us his taxes - we'll learn that he's a fraud. His marriage to Melania is just for show. He's actually gay. He's not a skilled businessman. He's just been lucky. Mark Burnett made Trump. Burnett was the talent behind Trump. Trump was just a prop. Trump watches TV because he gets all his moves from the talking heads. He just acts out what they say they think he is thinking. Bottom line he's insecure. In fact he's the most insecure person to even attain the pResidency.

I could go on and on. Do you think he'll take issue with anything I've stated here?

Defend Or Refute This Statement: Mueller Is The Only Thing Left We Have Standing Between A.....

continuing Democracy and a Dictatorship?

Why Doesn't Anyone Stand Up To Trump To His Face?.....

We hear talking heads on the news shows continually criticize Trump. We see the press ask Trump questions and never call him on any of his stupid answers and probe further. For example: when he says no one knows more about the tax bill or healthcare - why don't they ask him some detailed questions and make him eat his words because he doesn't have a grasp on the details. Why do the Repugs continually circle the wagons around this guy? Why do his staff always make excuses for him? Why is it the majority of Americans make fun of him and realize everything that comes from his mouth is a lie? Why do his lawyers placate him by only telling him what he wants to hear or he believes? Why don't his family confront him and tell him he is ruining his 'brand'? Why can't this guy realize he's only fooling himself? Why is it everyone else has to be politically correct and he doesn't? How is it he can blatantly break laws and keep getting away with it? How is it the guy keeps getting away with breaking laws? How is it he can't be stopped? Everybody knows he is taking this country apart piece by piece and we let him do this?

We all know this - yet he keeps on throwing crap in our faces?

I am so demoralzed. We are better than this. We are bigger than Trump.

How is this all happening in full view of the world - yet he still persists?

I just don't understand? HELP!

This Is The Time Of Year That Your Local TV News & Newspapers.....

report all the new state & local taxes that will be going up for the New Year as well as all the fare increases for bus, metro trains, parking lot fees, etc. Basically what it's going to cost to live the same lifestyle you did last year for the New Year. Includes how much more you'll be paying for healthcare and even the cost of basics like gas and food.

The cost of living is going up. It does so every year at this time because of greed and the fact that businesses have to show more of a profit for the new year over last year. And guess what - services will go down.

So any monies (what little money you'll be seeing in your paycheck) that Trump & the Repugs say you will be getting from the passage of their tax scam is already gone folks.

You've been hoodwinked again people. Even the money they say you will be getting is going to the Corps, the Banksters and the already wealthy. Not trickle down - but paid up.

They had their hands in your wallet before you even get a chance to see any of that Merry Christmas money they say you are getting to put in your wallet.

You'll be behinder now than you were before their tax scam.

And the lousy thing is that they want you to thank them for their generosity.

I Can't Wait To See The Bonuses That The Banksters & The Corps Will Dole Out....

at the end of the year. I got to think they will break some records given the gift the Repugs gave them with this tax scam.

I Can't Watch Their Gloating.....

I will just recall Bush's - Mission Accomplished.
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