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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,852

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So The Repugs Are In Bed With Trump .....

lock, stock and barrel. Thank you Paul Ryan.

Remember this folks - this is not just Trump and Bannon.

So when 2018 comes - this is why we need to have a massive voter turnout so we Dems can take back the House and Senate so we can contain Trump till 2020.

Does Anyone Think That Bannon Might Be Blackmailing Trump.....

Maybe Bannon has the video of Trump's golden shower incident.

I just can't figure out how he managed to have so much influence with Trump. How did Trump and Bannon meet? How long has he been tight with Trump?

Was Bannon a minion of the Repug Party and is that how Trump got introduced to Bannon? Is Bannon a Repug plant?

That Closed Intelligence Meeting That The Dems Came Out Of Shocked.....

I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop on that. What is going on? Is that still being worked on? Is that our last hope?

Trump Is Shooting Himself In The Foot Here....

by dismantling government as we know it and creating all this chaos and causing the government not to work - the American People will see just how important government is to us.

He is just doing things to make us realize how important government is.

They'll Be Working Late At The White House Tonight.....

developing talking points on this firing and getting them sent out to their Repug Congresspeople that are Trump's partners in crime.

Tomorrow we'll be hearing from KellyAnn, Spicer, Priebus and a whole hosts of Repug talking heads and Repug elected officials.

We'll have to deal with more lies and alternate facts - just as Trump puts his SCOTUS pick in nomination.

How much more of this can we put up with?

This Is Getting Serious Folks....

How much more serious does it need to get before someone does something?

KellyAnn, Spicer, Priebus, et al - Did They Have To Sign 'Pre-Nup' Agreements?.....

I'm asking if the people that work around Trump in the White House - did they sign an agreement - like a pre-nup - so that they are prevented from writing a tell all book - should they quit or be fired. I guess what I'm talking about is a Confidentiality Agreement - but I used the term 'pre-nup' because that is probably what Trump is more familiar with.

Also - does anyone think he has an incentive plan for them - and if he wants them to lie for him - they get $'s?

The Majority Of American People Agree With The President....

or the majority of American People agree with us Repugs.

This is the 'go to' line that the Repugs and Trump administration uses when they get backed into a corner - and nobody ever challenges them on it

It's been used so often - that it seems like the media just accept it as fact and move on.

There are approximately 320 million Americans in this country. The media needs to start challenging anyone that uses this line with the following question:

"You know there are approximately 320 million Americans in this country. You mean to tell me you have data that supports you that over 160 million Americans agree with you? Can you point us to that data?"

And further they should tell them - when they can't point to data that supports their statement that:

"Sir - You have no right saying that if you cannot back up your statement."

I am sick and tired of hearing that lie being used and being accepted as fact. Anytime anyone - Repug or Dem - uses that line - they need to be challenged. Otherwise we should just consider them being 'full of it'.

How Many Times Has Spicer Said 325,000 People And Only 109 Were Inconvenienced,,,,,

and how many times has he said that the 'majority of the American People' agree with the president?

Talking points they keep repeating so that they stick in the minds of the masses.

The 'majority of the American People' line really pisses me off - because we all know that that is not true. Yet the press never challenges that lie and asks where they are getting their information.

It's Been A Long Time Since I Read Owell's 1984....

but wasn't a persons phobia used as a form of torture?

Stairs & Slopes!!!!

Wow!!! no railings or Prime Ministers hand to hold onto.

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