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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,870

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Does Donald Trump Realize That He Is Being Systematically Destroyed By The Main Stream Media &....

the press?

These are the very same that systematically built him up and they are now taking him apart.

There's no doubt that he is contributing to his destruction - but I question if he realizes what's happening to him and his brand.

As we know - he seems to live in his own reality surrounded by toady's and sycophants.

Truly the emperor has no clothes.

One Thing HRC Should Have Said When Trump Went After Her On Her Negative Ads Is.....

Donald - you hung yourself on those ads. We used clips of things you said and you can't deny you said those things. If you are upset with those ads - you need to blame yourself. As a President you need to conduct yourself with decorum. If you can't control what you say and as such you are not fit to be president. You need to be a statesman - and you've proven to the American People that you are not very presidential. Your own mouth Donald - has gotten you in trouble.

I Still Wish There Would Be More Focus From The Hillary Campaign On The Congressional Repugs.....

and how they contributed to the problems we have in this country - their lack of cooperation with President Obama and their ability to tie everything up in gridlock.

I know she is running against Trump - but there is almost too much focus on him and not enough focus on how the Repugs in general messed up this country.

I believe there needs to be more of a focus on the Repugs and the down ballot races - as there is too much at stake with respect to SCOTUS and our future. We need to at least take the Senate and grab back as many seats in the House if not take the House as well.

The lack of focus on that aspect of this election is worrying me - cause even if Hillary wins the Presidency - if we continue with more years of obfuscation and gridlock - nothing will get done - and the 2018 midterms could be tenuous.

We need to get Dems out all over the country - talking this up and garnering votes away from Repugs in the down ballot races.

It's almost like the rest of the Repug Party doesn't exist. One of my friends said he thinks that the Hillary campaign struck a deal with the Repug Party not to go after it - if they as a Party didn't support Trump.

I don't know what to think - but I know that Hillary can't do this by herself. That is she can't win the Presidency and succeed without a friendly Congress that will help her achieve her goals as President.

I know every chance I get now to talk to a Repug voter - not only do I question them on Trump and how could they support him - but - I make them think about all the times that the Congressional Repugs - with characters like McConnell, Bohner, Ryan. etc - threw tantrums and fought against - even some of the very things that would - pull this country even farther out of the hole that BushCo created for us.

All The Spin In The World Can't Erase What The People Saw And Heard Last Night.....

Aren't these spinners embarrassed? Don't they have integrity? Don't they realize that they are destroying their own credibility when they lie for a liar?

And they believe that they are respectable and have respectful jobs. They don't - the lie for money.

You know who has respectable jobs? Immigrants that come to this country because they want to live in freedom and better themselves. I'm talking produce pickers in the fields and farms of this country. Restaurant workers that service us. Landscapers that toil in our back yards to make our neighborhoods beautiful. Hotel workers that provide us with clean hotel rooms, bed linens and towels. Essentially - those that provide a service to us on the backs of their sweat. They are respectable. Not the spinners that have no integrity and lie to us for money - to make us believe that we didn't see what we saw.

This presidential election cycle has opened my eyes and I don't like what I see.

I Fell Asleep With MSNBC On My TV Last Night And Subliminally AM Joe Was On This Morning.....

I wasn't really awake - but kind of in a dream state and could hear what they were saying and was dreaming that I was an audience member and was yelling out loud at them as to 'what debate were you watching'; he doesn't even come close to being presidential; he snorted his way through the debate; he crumbled during the first question; etc'.

While I was yelling these things out at them in my dream - somebody behind me tried to sneak my briefcase that I was carrying - from me. I turned around and caught him. I grabbed my briefcase and said to the guy - he looked like a military general - 'you must be a Trump supporter as I would expect what you did from a Trump supporter.' The guy just looked at me - back off - released the briefcase and laughed. The people that surrounded him laughed with him.

What finally woke me up, from this dream state was when Joe Scar - declared the debate a tie and said that the tie goes to Trump because he was the underdog.

That's what woke me up - as that was the last straw.

I really can't believe the spin by these people and even in this dream state that I was in - I was enraged by their supporting of Trump's lies and their spinning.

Again - this all happened in a dream state with the TV on in the background - and I was hearing all this and dreaming all this while I was sleeping.

Anyone out there know how to interpret dreams? Help me? I really became agitated when I awoke. I actually posted something on DU immediately when I awoke and am now just recounting my dream; how I awoke and my anger.

Now I'm wishing this was the day after the election in Nov and this crap is all behind us because it is impacting on me negatively.

Trump's Insecurities Really Shone Through....

he just has to say some group or another endorsed him. He's got to convInce himself that somebody likes him. I really don't think he'll handle this debate loss well.

I wonder if they take Trump's telephone away so he won't be able to Tweet.

Without A Teleprompter Trump Is Lost....

He can only be the 'shoot from the hip' Trump and that won't win him the presidency.

His handlers will have a tough time trying to make him look presidential for the subsequent debates. I don't think it is possible without a written script he'd have to follow. All Hillary has to do is rattle him from the start and he is toast.

It was obvious that Hillary was really prepared for this debate. Kudos to whomever coached her in debate prep.

The laughable criticism I heard of Hillary -because Trump's surrogates had to say something - was - she sounded too rehearsed.

She Had Him At Hello....

In her very first answer to the very first question she rattled him. He never recovered.

MSNBC Focus Group From Ohio On Now....

If I were them I'd be embarrassed to say I supported Trump and still supported him after listening to this debate.

Really - Really - Chris Crispy - Mr. Bridgegate Himself.....

Well I guess - birds of a feather.
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