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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,902

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What's Puzzle's Me Is Why Hillary Isn't....

talking about how the Repugs stonewalled and voted against anything President Obama was for and that they are to blame for much of the economic problems we have.

Now we have Trump talking about infrastructure jobs that when President Obama pushed for this the Repugs killed it.

Why isn't Hillary saying more about winning back the Senate and the House?

Why isn't she talking about gerrymandering and breaking the gridlock?

It seems to me that this is a missed opportunity.

I don't mean to single out only Hillary as all the Dems should be out there talking this up.

Is there a reason they are avoiding this discussion that I am missing?

The Little Guy Trump Wanted To Hit So Bad - Was That....


Just Think Things Could Be Worse...

Trump could have run in the Dem primaries.

GOP: The Party Of Crazy....

If I were a lifelong Repug - I'd be embarrassed and ashamed to be associated with it today with Donald Trump as its standard bearer and the Party Leaders backing him and protecting his insane rants and ways.

I don't know how any lifelong Repug can be supportive of Trump and their Party today. If I were one I wouldn't be vocal that I was a Repug. I wouldn't admit it. I couldn't admit it.

I don't know how they can hold their nose for this guy and their Party and vote for him.

I believe a lot of lifelong Repugs will go underground hoping that their Party recovers - but I don't see them turning out to vote in November. They are either going to sit this GE out or they are going to vote for Hillary.

There is a good chance that the Dems can take the WH, the Senate and the House in 2016.

If Bernie Was The Dem Nominee - The Repugs Would Have Unloaded On Him For Being A Socialist....

and try and paint him as a Commie.

Now we have Trump cozying up to Putin and the Repug Platform making some concessions with respect to Russia - why aren't we painting Trump and the Repugs as Commie's?

Is this how he is going to make america great - by cozying up to the Russians?

Why would such a thing work against Bernie and the Dems and not the other way around?

My Hat Is Off To The Planners Of The Democratic National Convention.....

It is both informative and entertaining and well choreographed. I'm blown away by the videos, the Trump moments, the speakers, the entertainers and how well scheduled it is. The other thing that I am blown away by is how the speeches are so well coordinated with the signage that is being displayed during their speeches. That really takes some planning and coordinating with the speakers and the delegates in the audience. It almost seems that all the speeches are coordinated to say just the right things at the right time in theme with the topic of the convention for the day. It's almost like the same person wrote all the speeches and the speakers were just there to deliver them. So I congratulate the planners, directors and producers. They have done a wonderful job and the DNC is running circles around the RNC.

I had this funny thought that this was all Hillary's doing - in that just like young women have a wedding planning book - that Hillary had a presidential planning book. Since she was a young woman just getting into politics that she kept this scrapbook and planned out her campaign, the nominating convention and the inauguration.

Please forgive me I've been sleep deprived lately due to a health issue and I get silly.

I think though that this would make a great SNL skit.

So What Type Of Controversy Are The Cable News Networks Ginning Up Today For The DNC?.....

They got to have some controversy to talk about after last nights great rollout of the Convention. Who are they after today?

Is Trump Tweeting Tonght?....

I curious as to if he's watching the DNC and what he has to say.

What Is So Wrong About A "Progressive Political Revolution" For The Dem Party?....

Hillary won the nomination and she is the nominee of the Dem Party. We have a Hillary/Kaine ticket now and they need to beat Trump in November. So I can't understand why the supporters of Hillary here on DU are still fighting the primary battles and dissing Bernie and his supporters. The primaries are over. Hillary won. We need to focus on Trump now and beat him and the Repugs. Please channel your energies and hate to Trump. And you Bernie supporters that can't get over the fact that Bernie is not our nominee - get over it as well. We all need to move on - but there is no reason why we all can't come together and support a "Progressive Political Revolution" to take us into the future.

I've heard all along that Hillary and Bernie weren't that far apart with their values and platforms. Now we come to this convention and we have the most Progressive Democratic Platform in the history of the Party - and yet we still see this animosity between the Hillary supporters and the Bernie supporters.

So I ask - "What is so wrong with a "Progressive Political Revolution" taking the Dem Party into the future. We have a good chance now of winning the WH and the Senate. I believe we can make in-roads in the House as well - and there is a good chance given the dis-unity in the Repug Party with Trump as their nominee - that we could even win back the House in November as well.

But going forward through the next 4 years and beyond - what is wrong with supporting a "Progressive Political Revolution" to achieve all those things that the Repugs have stonewalled against over the last 8 years and more?

The Dem Party is the Progressive Party. Let's - for God's sake and the sake of the future of America - get together and join the "Progressive Political Revolution" so that our children our grandchildren and their children can live in a country that is for everyone and not just the 1%'ers.

Let's Say Trump's Russian Ties To Putin Are Proven Beyond Reasonable Doubt.....

by some journalist or a government agency - what do you think the Repug Party would do? Would they rescind Trump's nomination? Or would they just let nature take its course and let Trump still represent their Party?
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