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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
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A Couple Of Observations About Progressive Radio....

I listen to it most of the day - while I'm gardening or driving in my car. What I've come to realize is that most Progressive radio hosts seem to have bought into Hillary and are abandoning Bernie. They even bought into the fact that there was violence at the Nevada Convention caused by the Bernie people and threats made to someone that ran the session. They are calling Bernie a grump old man and they are completely dissing him.

Interesting enough though - most of the calls that they get are very supportive of Bernie and down or negative on Hillary. One in fact used the meme today that the Bernie people are extorting Hillary - by saying they will not rally around her and vote. I actually see it the other way around that the Hillary folk are extorting the Bernie people by using SCOTUS as the lever.

Now I do understand how important it is to make sure the Dems are the ones that set up the Supreme Court for future generations - I'm not stupid and I think most Bernie supporters realize the importance of that as well. I just don't like these extortion tactics being used on us Bernie supporters instead of trying to mend fences and be a little more conciliatory. What's the old saying - you catch more flies with honey.

The other thing I notice - and I posted this yesterday - and listened hard today as well - these Progressive radio hosts always end their show with a last caller that supports Hillary. That's what screening calls accomplishes.

I'm really surprised that these Progressive shows didn't embrace Bernie from the beginning. I got to think that they feel Bernie is more Progressive than Hillary. Yet they shunned and kinda made fun of Bernie right from the start.

One other observation is that I don't hear any talk about Hillary's impending FBI Investigation at all. They seem to be ignoring it altogether - yet we've found out it is real and there is a strong possibility that something will come out of it.

And instead of talking about what we'll do if something happens to Hillary - I'm hearing talk that they would be for drafting Biden or O'Malley in her place should something happen that she had to drop out.

Has the establishment gotten to our Progressive talk show hosts? Now I'll grant you this - I don't listen to all Progressive hosts - so if I'm wrong - will somebody here set me straight or are you making the same observations as I.

I know that Bill Press is probably the only one that I listen to that still sticks up for Bernie.

I'll end this here - so have at me folks.

I've Listened To A Number Of Progressive Radio Call In Shows Today And....

most calls throughout the programs were very positive, very pro Bernie. However, each show ended with a pro-Hillary caller saying it is incumbent on the part of Bernie supporters to vote for her when (not if) she wins the nomination. They invoke SCOTUS and they are holding that over the Bernie supporters - just waiting to blame them should Hillary not win - if she's the nominee. It was almost like that they planned it that way to end with a pro-Hillary caller.

I call that extortion. Sorry but that's the way I see it. I'll make my decision in November - but them holding that over us now is simply uncalled for. They are making no conciliatory attempt to reach out to Bernie supporters - only making excuses for a Hillary loss.

If Hillary becomes the nominee and she loses - she only has herself to blame. She keeps shooting herself in her foot when she makes statements like the 'coal' statement or that she will put Bill in charge of the 'economy'. How stupid. Let alone that she has an impending FBI interview coming up and possible indictment to boot.

No - they are not going to blame Bernie. Bernie has told them that he runs stronger against Trump. But he's not establishment and the DNC and TPTB don't want him as President. They want Hillary - cause they know that they can count on her to keep the status quo. So they will shoulder the blame along with Hillary herself - if Trump wins the WH.

How Is Hillary Handling Her E-Mails Now?......

Does she still have a server in her NY home? I know she is no longer a SOS - but one would think that she is guy shy because of all the bruhaha surrounding her use of e-mails when she was SOS - that she would not use e-mail at all.

Is she working off the Clinton Foundation server? Just curious.

Do Rank & File Repug Voters Mistake Corporatism For....

what they call big government? This thought came to me the other day after I spoke to a staunch Repug friend. Can't remember what he actually said but it caused me to think he was confused.

Did I See On Rachel That Hillary Is Taking Out Ads On Bernie In The Remaining States?....

I thought that she put Bernie behind her and was concentrating on Trump.

Bernie can still win this thing and poses a threat to her. Otherwise - why would she do this?

Whatever Happened To The D.C. Madams Lawyer?.....

Did he release her black book yet?

A Friend - An Avid Hillary Supporter - Is Now Freaked About Hillary's Chances.....

Just talking to a friend that supports Hillary and has for years. She just heard that Kasich will suspend his campaign and called me in a panic. She said with both Kasich and Cruz out and Trump the presumptive nominee of the Repug Party - that it appears that the Party is coalescing around Trump and there will be no contested Repug convention.

She feels the next primary contests on the Dem side favor Bernie and if he sticks in till the convention that that Hillary could be in trouble getting the nomination now. She said she would have felt better if Hillary won Indiana - but it doesn't bode well that she lost and Bernie is still winning these contests.

She felt that as long as the Repugs were in disarray that Hillary would be favored - but now - she's having second thoughts and thinking that Hillary could still lose this. She hates to admit this because she thinks that Hillary can do no wrong - but - the events of the last two days has shaken her confidence. She's freaked out about this.

Will The Last One Out Of The 'Klown Kar' End The Party?....

Just asking!!!!

I'm Looking To Buy Xanthan Gum And I Only Need A Small Amount....

I was only able to find an 8oz package and it cost $12.99 at Whole Foods. I will wind up not using most of it and probably have to throw it out as it gets old from sitting around in my pantry.

Does anyone here know where I can purchase a small jar or small amount of it? I live in the Chicago area. Any help would be appreciated.
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