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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,870

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Why Is It That Hillary E-Mails Stick And Trump The Sexual Predator, Tax Evader, Russian Sympathizer.

liar, con-artist, hate spewer, racist, etc, etc, etc, doesn't?

Trump is so corrupt it isn't even funny - yet it seems that he gets away with murder and the MSM just piles on Hillary for all kinds of things that just don't have any legs and are fabricated issues by the Repugs.

After The Election Will We Be Having 'Brunch With Bernie' Again On The .....

Thom Hartmann Show?

Coup D'etat....

It looks and smells like something is going on behind the scenes - doesn't it.

It's getting scarier and scarier every day.

We'd All Be Better Off If From Today Until Election Day That We.....

don't listen to any of the cable news programs and just concentrate on getting our friends, neighbors, colleagues and family out to vote straight Democratic from top to bottom.

Listening to the cable news programs is just making me crazy and I'm laying off until Election Day.

Donald Is At It Again.....

lying his butt off and the MSM is televising it.

Vatican Issues Guidelines On Cremation......

No scattering of ashes.....


IMHO the Vatican wants the ashes to be placed in Catholic cemeteries because I think they are thinking of the economic benefit to the cemeteries. If ashes could be scattered - who would use the catholic cemeteries and how would they continue to stay in business?

Social Security & Medicare Will Run Out Of Money?.....


It Looks Like Trump's Face Is Beginning To Perspire....

his make-up is starting to run.

What's With This $1500 Payment For Rioting?....

First I hear of this. Can anyone fill me in?

Did I Miss Something - Trump's People Are Saying Hillary Was Rattled & Thrown Off Her Game....

at the last debate. Also, Trump has been saying that Hillary ran out of steam in the second half of the last debate.

Now I didn't notice either of those things happening to Hillary - but I did see signs of that in Trump.

Are they just throwing up this crap because a good offense is a good defense?

Am I missing something?
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