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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,734

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What Strikes Me About Bernie's Campaign Is The The Air Of Confidence That Bernie's Camp Exudes.....

This confidence is contagious and it is pulling in a lot of new support for him. On the other hand there is an air of desperation surrounding the Clinton camp. It seems like they are putting out a lot of crap in a last ditch effort to hang on to her 'presumptiveness'. The problem with that is that it just reinforces their desperation and further puts doubt in the mind of The People.

Here We Are On The Eve Of The Iowa Caucus - Is Anybody Here On DU Still Undecided?....

I'm hearing that there are people in Iowa still undecided. I find that hard to believe. And I'm only talking about the Dem candidates not the Repugs.

There's so much indecision with the Repugs it is actually funny. I'm thinking that the typical Repug voter likes to say they voted for the winner. That is so up in the air right now that the only winner will be the Dems.

When Bernie Wins The Nomination He Won't Have To.....

alter his platform or speaking points one bit. He just needs to keep the repetition up of what he's been saying from the start of his candidacy. It is resonating during the primaries and it will continue to resonate throughout the run up to the General Election.

On the other hand - Hillary would have to keep tacking, bobbing and weaving and tripping all over herself. The Repugs will have a field day with Hillary.

They won't know how to deal with Bernie because of his unwavering beliefs, platform and authenticity.

Go Bernie!!!

Feel the Bern!!!!!

Don't Believe The Polls....

The establishment is trying to tamp down the turnout. Show up Monday and caucus for Bernie.

Think about it. Why would Hillary agree to more debates if she's the front runner?

Her internal polls must show she is going to lose Iowa.

Go Bernie!!!!
Feel the Bern!!!

Sorry - for some reason I was thinking Tues. That was wrong. Please disregard my unedited post.

What Constitutes Going Negative In A Political Campaign And.....

what constitutes a negative campaign ad?

How Did The Repugs 'Presumptive' Nominee Jeb! Do Last Night....

Did Jebby score any points with Trump not around or did he just blend in with the background?

Did Fox's Apology To Trump Have All To Do With Ratings For Last Nights Debate?....

Did Rupert apologize to Trump only because he was concerned with the ratings of the debate and hence was it strictly a financial move? (i.e., higher ratings = more revenue).

Listening to Trump it sounded like Fox was begging him to appear at the debate. Why?

Flints Newest Problem......

What to do with all the empty water bottles - read at the link:


Didn't Rand Paul Drop Out Of The Last Debate?......

MSM didn't make a big deal about that.

Wouldn't It Be Cool If Trump Got 'One Direction' ....

out from their hiatus and had them appear at his debate dumping event. He could tie in the One Direction name to his campaign - saying that his campaign has been and will continue to go in One Direction - UP.

He would get the MSM to carry his event. It would draw the audience and hence the ratings away from Fox. He capture the hearts of the youth.

OMG - give me a lobotomy - He's got me thinking like the showman he is. Sorry - I'll go back to binge watching Celebrity Apprentice again.
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