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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,870

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Just Saw They Were Evacuatng Trump Tower In NYC....

no other details yet.

So Trump Is Dissolving His Charitable Foundation....

he says he doesn't want to be distracted from running the country and he doesn't want his good work associated with a conflict of interest.

Sure sounds good what he is saying but I'm thinking the probe for lacking state certification for soliciting donations is getting too close to exposing him and he is trying to look good and dissolve it before he's found out.

Has anyone heard how this probe is going and what they've uncovered yet?

Trump Claimed That He Could "Stand In The Middle Of 5th Ave And Shoot Someboday And.....

not "lose any voters."

How do those same voters now feel if a nuke goes off on 5th Avenue?

So Now Mika And Joe Are Shocked About What Trump Said.....

Brzezinski said she asked Trump to explain his position on nuclear arms in an off-air conversation. Co-host Joe Scarborough called the president-elect’s response “not quite the clarification that we would expect.”

Trump allegedly told Brzezinski, “Let it be an arms race. We will outmatch them at every pass. And outlast them all.”

Mika and Joe were toady's for Trump all through his campaign - from the primaries to the general election. It is said they had private meetings with him and were advising him. And now they are shocked? They helped create this menace.

Don't play holier than thou now in your Christmas pajamas by the fireplace and think we the people will absolve you of the blame.

I Can't Effing Sleep.......

I've been sleep deprived for months now - partly because I'm dealing with prostate cancer - but I realized this a.m. that really most of it is because of Trump. I know that the late night show hosts and comedians think Trump is fodder for jokes - and the jokes should have stopped when he won the KGOP's primary - but they didn't.

Throughout his campaign - things kept on getting worse and worse - and I thought for sure that the jokes would stop after the live mike on the bus incident. I thought for sure that even the women of SNL would put their foot down and say that they will no longer take part in Trump skits and make fun of a man that assaults women. But that didn't happen. In fact it looked like the jokes escalated after that incident.

But yesterday - things really got serious. Trump tweeting about nuclear weapons.

This man is taking us down a path of what could be total destruction and annihilation. I couldn't sleep a wink last night and that's why I'm up composing this post at 4:30 a.m.

When is it going to stop? When will the MSM and comedians come to their senses and stop thinking that whatever he says or tweets is not cutesy or funny anymore. When will they realize that he is putting our lives and the lives of our loved ones in danger. When will they start telling the American People the truth - that Trump is a sick, deranged person that is not qualified to be anywhere near the White House?

The MSM and the people that work for it ought to be ashamed of themselves. I know some may think that their career is on the line or their ratings will fall if they don't tow the line of the mogul's that run their business. But yesterday - something more serious than their career and ratings came up. Trump put their life on the line. They won't have to worry about a career or ratings if this man takes us down the path to a nuclear war.

Wake up people- wake up. It's time you become sleep deprived as well.

Is Trump Going To Have To Hire Americans To Show Up At His Inaugauration?......

Have there been any estimates as to how many of Trump's supporters are going to D.C. on Jan 20th?

I know he's having problems getting celebrities to entertain - but I'm wondering how he's doing with his supporters?

Is he going to have to pay people to show up? Maybe that's what he meant by giving them jobs.

From Now On - In Relation To Trump - Here's What I'm Doing.....

when referring to him - I will not capitalize president-elect or president. With respect to the Repug Party I will be using the KGOP instead.

I'll be using TrumpCo or *Co for his administration.

Any other suggestions out there?

With John F. Kennedy We Had Camelot....

now with Trump we have Spamalot.

Is Anyone Here Thinking That This Russian Hacking Issue Is....

just a convenient deflection for Repugs to take the spotlight away from them stealing enough votes in certain key states to get Trump the electoral votes needed to get over 270?

Sure Russia & Putin were successful in influencing this election - but my feeling is that the knockout punch was the Repugs stealing votes.

Maybe Obama is in the process of gathering info on Repugs actions in this election as well as gathering more info on the Russians.

In order for the American People to have confidence in future elections we need to explore both the hacking issue as well as the voter suppression and the electronic voting machines that can be easily manipulated with lack of a paper trail.

We have these major presidential elections every 4 years. There's enough time in between these elections for all states to shake down their machinery and correct all issues before the next election. In my opinion it is a travesty that on election day we run into all sorts of problems - when all of these problems could have and should have been addressed before the election.

After this election we've learned of many machine malfunctions and questionable issues connected with miscounting, vote changing, etc. This election is over and is now history - but what are we doing now going forward to prevent these same things from happening four years from now.

My Understanding Is That Trump Could Face An Unending Series Of Lawsuits.....

while he is the sitting president - especially if he doesn't divest his business interests.

My question is will we as taxpayers have to pay lawyers that defend him or will he have to use his own lawyers at his own expense?
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