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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,870

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I Hold Congress - Our Elected Officials - Responsible For This Oregon Shooting.....

They have had multiple opportunities to take action and do something to stop these senseless mass shooting and they have been derelict of their duties. They have done nothing.

Call them accomplices or partners in crime. They have no shame. They don't do anything to try to prevent these shootings - but are the first to Tweet their condolences and how much they feel sorry for the victims and the victims families.

Congress has blood on their hands.

Is John McCain Giving A Weakened Putin Strength?.....

It seems to me that McCain is making a desperate Putin look like he is strong by coming out against the Obama Administration on Obama's recent meeting with Putin and Putin making moves on Syria.

Looks to me that McCain is giving Putin the credibility that Putin is looking for. Putin is shrewd in using the division between the Parties in the U.S. to his advantage and I believe Putin is using McCain and McCain is falling for it hook, line and sinker.

How Many Here See President Obama As A Future Secretary General Of The UN?.....

His speech today at the UN was spot on. He's moving to NYC after his term is over. He is well respected in the International Community.

I see him moving into the Secretary General position relatively easy and in my opinion with a lot of success. Perhaps he could bring a new credibility to the UN if he does.

Bernie Is The Only Dem Candidate That Can Beat Trump.....

Everyday it's more apparent to me that Trump will be the Repug nominee for President. Since he threw his hat into the 3 ring circus he's led in the polls. Every time it is thought that Trump shot himself in his foot because of something he says - it appears he comes out stronger. He is resonating with the People - at least the Repug People and I believe that his message is getting through to Independents and some Dems as well.

I thought he did well on yesterdays 60 Minute interview is spite of him still talking a lot of gibberish - but he let us have a peek at his tax plan that he unveiled today.

The thing that struck me at his tax presser today was that he had prepared remarks and read quite a bit of what he was saying. To me that signaled a change in his approach to the nomination. He is being more careful with what he says and to me that says he is really serious about this bid to become President.

Though his tax plan will go through all sorts of analysis now - there are things about his tax plan that will resonate with the People. There are things in his tax plan that will resonate with the Dems. There are things in his tax plan that will resonate with the Repugs. Not all will be happy with his total plan - but there appears to be (at least now before any analysis) something in it to appeal to all and to some issues with it that will cause consternation to all. Is this a sign of a good plan? Hmmmmm.....

Trump is resonating because he is not considered part of the political/D.C. establishment. That in my opinion will get him a long ways toward that nomination. The American People are fed up with the status quo.

Now consider this - if he wins the nomination who will be the best Dem to challenge Trump? My feeling is that Hillary will be crushed by Trump. She is considered too establishment and too invested in the current system - especially because it looks like the American People want somebody that is not talking or supporting the same ole - same ole.

Bernie on the other hand is saying much the same things that Trump is saying - only - again in my opinion - with more credibility. I believe both Trump and Bernie want to achieve the same goals - but have a different way of achieving them.

Bernie will do good against Trump in debates and in the General - because he is fact based and knows the facts and numbers cold. Bernie will not be rattled by Trump in a debate situation. I'm not sure Hillary could stand up to Trump as well in a debate situation as it even appears that she is working to even keep the debates down within her own party.

Bernie offers the American Public a bona fide alternative to Trump with a more proven track record than Trump. Trump may be talking a good show - but he has no political track record and is an unknown as an elected official. Trump could easily fall prey to the CEO syndrome and not be able to negotiate his way in the political environment of D.C. and the world that is run by rules, regulations, constitutions, treaties, etc. Trump as a CEO bullies his way through negotiations and I don't think that this will work for him as an elected official that has to play by the rules. Do the American People want to take a chance with such an unproven person in such an important job.

Bernie on the other hand knows the rules and knows how to work with and within the rules to his advantage and knows the ways to get those rules changed.

This is how I'm feeling right now after watching Trump last night on 60 minutes and today at his tax presser. I believe that Trump did himself well over the last two days.

Seems to me that all the candidates now - be they Repug or Dem have to address this new can of worms that Trump has foisted on them - a tax plan. I think Trump will go after all of them and challenge them to address taxes and how they would handle it. Trump in my opinion has put all of them on the defensive again - much like he did with immigration.

It will be interesting to hear the reaction of all the other candidates to Trumps plan. We all know that the MSM (what I call the Right Wing Media RWM) will be confronting all the candidates on this issue. It will be important for all of them to get out in front of this tax thing as quick as possible - without saying something stupid or something that they will regret going forward.

This is really getting interesting!!!!!!!!

Go Bernie!!!!!!!

Is There Any Possibility That The VW Emissions Scandal Has Crept Into Other World Automakers?...

Is this just a German automakers thing or is this a wider scandal than is now being reported? Are any U.S., Japanese or Korean companies going to be found out pulling the same scam?

Pope Frances Performed His First Miracle On His Road To Sainthood On This Trip To The U.S.....

he got John Boehner to resign.

What Is Boehner Claiming He Accomplished During His Term As Speaker And.....

what is the reality of his claims? From my perspective I can't see that he's accomplished anything but that's not what I'm hearing from him.

I Will Never Forgive G.W.Bush And His Administration For 9/11.....

I find it hard to watch these 9/11 memorials. I can't imagine how hard it is for BushCo to watch or participate in any aspect of these memorials. They let it happen on their watch. They had warnings. They should have been more prepared. They weren't.

How any person or group even gives a forum to any of BushCo's administration is beyond me. And Jeb saying that his brother protected us - is beyond belief.

And we want to elect another Bush to this highest office? That's incredulous.

Any Chance For The Dems To Pick Up Boehner's Vacated Seat In Ohio?.....

what is the process? Does the Governor appoint someone to take over Boehner's seat or is there some sort of election? Does Boehner's term end in Nov anyway? Do the Dems have a strong or for that matter any candidate that can enter a race for that seat?

Couldn't Boehner Have At Least Waited To Make This Announcement After The Pope's Visit?....

Seems to me he's pre-empted the Pope's message. The cable news shows - like vultures - gravitated to coverage of Boehner's resigning and it took the edge off of the Pope's message.

Now they are back to showing the Pope - but I bet they can't wait until the Pope has finished his speech at the UN so they can get back to over-analyzing Boehner's resignation.
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