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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,870

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It Was Nice While It Lasted......

Over the last couple of days the constant 24/7 drone of talking heads and news shows that carry on about the primaries, Trump, the clown car, Hillary & Bernie, wars, terrorism, police shootings, etc - seemed to come to a complete halt while the news show anchors, politicians and talking heads and maybe even terrorists celebrated the holiday.

Today - they are all back with a vengeance.

Isn't it funny how they can carry on - then stop suddenly for a few days - and then start scaring us again.

Is The Erratic Weather In Texas And The Repugs Climate Change Denial Turning The State From Red....

to blue?

Are Texans beginning to wake up and realize that they are being lied to by the Repugs and is that pushing along the transition in the state to Dems?

Really-I Just Heard Some CNN Reporter Ask Lindsay Graham If He Accept A Cabinet Position In Trumps..

administration. This was as I was flipping the channels. I quickly flipped to the weather channel and didn't wait for his response.

I'm Watching A Slow But Interesting Transformation....

of my lady friend from an ardent Hillary supporter to a Bernie supporter.

I've been behind Bernie from the start and talk him up all the time. Wear the Bernie t-shirt every chance I get. My lady friend is a ardent Hillary supporter since when Hillary was running against Obama. She always thought that Hillary should have been the nominee because she didn't feel that Obama had enough experience. So naturally this time around she feels this is Hillary's time. She gets e-mails from Hillary, Bill, Chelsea and a host of other Hillary supporters and she's always telling me what they have to say. Naturally - they are fund raising e-mails.

But lately I've been talking up Bernie more to her and pointing out the differences between Bernie and Hillary. Yesterday we watched the Dem debate together and I could tell that she was getting into Bernie and found him both likable and authentic. Today we watched a rerun of the Barbara Walters special where Walters named Bernie one of the most interesting people of 2015 and went on to interview him. My friend listened intently and said that she could see him being the President.

Though we're not quite there yet - I can see that the more she sees and listens to Bernie - she's beginning to be captivated by him and actually has been saying nice things about him. I believe I'm watching a transformation from a Hillary supporter to a Bernie supporter. It might take another debate or getting her to watch a Bernie record crowd town hall - but I think she'll be converted.

The message here is that the more she sees Bernie and listens to his platform - the more she is liking him and what he is saying.

This is why - in my opinion - the media has blacked out Bernie and don't give him much airtime and exposure - because they know that if they do - people will come to respect him and support him. This is why DWS/DNC only has 6 debates with bad timing for people to watch.

The more exposure he gets the more support he gets. It is up to us Bernie supporters to continually promote and talk up Bernie. If you're into social media - Tweet and Facebook - Bernie's stances to your friends and family.

I think this DNC controversy has helped Bernie - because he's had more exposure in the last few days than he's probably had this whole primary season up to now and people are beginning to take notice of him and listen to what he is saying.

On the other hand Hillary has gotten too much exposure and people are beginning to see through her well choreographed, focus group driven, facade. Some are starting to sour on her.

At any rate - this ain't over till it's over and it looks to me as the Iowa and NH primaries get closer - Bernie is building a momentum.

I'm hoping he peaks at just the right time.

Of Course I'm A 100% Impartial Joy....

"for Hillary".

DWS was just interviewed by Joy Reed on MSNBC. She just double talked her way through this interview.

You could just hear her Hillary bias coming through her sarcastic answers.

Then to add to this - her 'bluster' comment about Bernie is just totally uncalled for.

DWS should either resign or be fired ommediately for her "bluster" comment about Bernie. That comment alone should illustrate that she carries a bias and is not being impartial in her position.

She doesn't know which of the three Dem candidates will win the nomination and her bluster comment of Bernie essentially hands the Repugs a ready made GE campaign commercial should Bernie become the Dem nominee. Think of the damage that would do if the chair of the DNC made such a comment about their nominee and the Repugs used it.

I know a lot of Dems have endorsed Hillary but one doesn't know the outcome this early in the primary process. DWS's 'bluster' comment could lose the GE for the Dems should Bernie win the nomination.

The Dem Party needs to act now to get rid of her and if they don't it is at their peril.

I Have A Suggestion For An Onion Article.....

Headline: The RNC Is Hiring DWS To Help Them Get Rid Of Trump

I Don't Think That DWS & DNC Anticipated A Lawsuit Would Be Filed....

I think they perceive Bernie to be a lightweight because he said he wouldn't go negative and hasn't. I believe they thought he would just roll over on this and thought when he fired his IT guy that this would
make him look guilty and dishonest and it would be all over for him and them.

But Bernie is not a lightweight and he is not stupid. He was not going to be suckered into looking foolish. He turned it around on them and did something they did not anticipate. He filed this lawsuit and didn't just fold. It will be interesting to watch what happens next.

One thing that should happen is the DNC's IT firm should be handed it's walking papers. They screwed up. They were told back in October by the Sander's campaign. They either didn't fix it then or did a poor job in trying to fix it.

Has The Sanders Campaign Filed Their Lawsuit Yet?....

They said they would file this afternoon if they didn't get access to their data.

DNC should be firing their IT group and not holding Bernie's data hostage. It was the DNC's vendors fault. They were informed about it by the Sanders campaign back in October. Either they did nothing to remedy the situation or they didn't do the right thing to remedy it.

Sorry - my post went up at the same time another post went up saying that a lawsuit was filed. Never mind.

Isn't It Interesting That Bernie Sanders Is Finally Getting MSM Coverage?.....

All the positive coverage that they could have given him over this primary season - they withheld or was given sparingly.

Now suddenly - a potential issue crops up and the floodgates of coverage is opening. Is it because they can spin it negatively - even if there is no there there - to sully his momentum that has been building as of late.

It seems to me that TPTB are really worried about Bernie becoming President and that every roadblock that can be thrown up by them is being used.

This is really a sad commentary on the election process in this country.

Wouldn't It Make Sense That If There Was A Bug By The Vendor That Caused This Problem That ......

the voter file that they talk of should be frozen for both campaign's until they are sure that they worked the bug out.

Unfairly shutting out Bernie - and not treating Hillary the same way is just unfair.
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