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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
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"And We Know How To Fix It".........

President Obama said this a couple of times in his SOTU Address. "And we know how to fix it". That's the sad thing about this mess that BushCo put us in - we do know how to fix it - but the Repugs are so intent to keep it broke and make Obama a one-term president that they won't let us "fix it".

Other phrases that stood out to me in this speech were:

1. A Return To American Values
2. An America Built to Last
3. America Is Back

How could the Repugs just sit there and ignore these? It's downright "un-American" for them to turn their backs on America.

This speech was filled with common sense ideas and actions put forth by this President. We do know how to fix things. It isn't rocket science.

How anyone can sit there and listen to this speech and think bad of this President and not want this man to represent them over the next 4 years - I just don't understand.

I hear the Repug clown car candidates constantly knock down this President and say things like we need to focus on jobs, etc. But I never hear any of them offer any real ideas as to how to do that.

In this SOTU speech - I heard real and actionable ideas being put forth by this President. Things that can be done to "fix America".

How can Repugs in Congress just sit there and neglect doing anything to help "fix this country"? Why do the Repugs want to destroy this country? Why do the 99%er Repugs, some Indies and Dems want to vote against their best interests?

I just don't get it???????????????????

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