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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,874

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Will Trump Fire Mueller As He Leaves On His Asian Trip?.....

Fire the guy and then 'get out of Dodge'.

All These Treasonous Trump People Should Be Sent To Gitmo.....

It would be a just penalty for them to wind up there. They may even regret not going along with President Obama when he wanted to close Gitmo.

How Will Trump Screw Up This Asian Trip?.....

What will he say or do that will make him and the U.S. look foolish? You know this is inevitable!!!!!

I've Said This Before - The Repugs Will Continue To Circle The Wagons Around Trump Because....

We've seen it countless times when Trump says, tweets or does something stupid that the Repugs come out in support of him and always give him the benefit of the doubt. This Mueller investigation and the indictments of Manafort and Gates and the guilty plea from Papadopoulos will be no different.

One would have thought that this Russian collusion and Comey firing would have been the last straw for them yet we've heard them continually support Trump.

Why do they do this? Why don't they cross him and distance themselves from him - like Flake and Corker did?

Well here's my theory.

Think about all the inside information that Trump was privy to with respect to the Repug Party. Stuff that he learned during the primaries and stuff he learned - their strategery (a Dubya term) - as he became the nominee and then president.

He's had conversations and been in meetings with all the Intelligensia up and down the Repug Party. His fellow primary contenders. The Chairman of the RNC. Speaker of the House. Majority Leader of the Senate. Senators and Congressmen throughout the Party. Repug Governors. Retired Emeritus Repugs. Repug Think Tanks. Right Wing talking heads up and down the media.

Just think of all the inside information he was able to glean from them. All their dirty little secrets and strategies they use(d) against Obama, Hillary and the Dems. They are all complicit and at risk.

Think about how he now can use all that inside info against them and blackmail them now.

Trump has them over the barrel? If he goes down or they try to take him down - he'll just spill the beans and take them down with him. Hell - he might even make things up about them and their tactics. He's been known to do that. He might even lie. (yah think?)

And you know what - his supporters (aka the Deplorables) will believe anything that comes out of his mouth and any explanations he gives them.

We've seen that display all through the primaries, election run-up and now as he is president.

Whatever inside info he has - if he uses it - ir will inflict untold damage unto the Repug Party. Even if he didn't have inside info and said he did and started making crap up - he would be believed by his supporters (which make up a sizable portion of the base of the Repug Party) and he would do further damage to the Party.

Perhaps that is why they always circle the wagons around him and give him the benefit of the doubt as he systematically works to destroy our government.

I believe that Trump has the potential to wipe out the Repug Party and all their jobs going forward. They embraced him. They took him into their confidence and we all know that it isn't beneath Trump to use what he learned against them. When backed into a corner - Trump will attack back like a rabid dog. It's his pattern. He'll do anything to save himself or convince himself that nothing is his fault. Everyone else is to blame.

This is why they lie for him to protect him even if it makes each and every one of them that do this personally look bad.

That has been my theory since he took office and I'm sticking to it!!!!! In my mind it still holds up.

Has Mueller Interviewed Bannon Yet Or Is He.....

saving him for just before he interviews Trump himself?
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