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Member since: Thu Oct 21, 2004, 06:06 PM
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Pumpkin Spice with Coffee Buttercream -----A Greeting for Halloween-----As we all worry

I have a marvelously talented young friend, adopted granddaughter, who creates timely works of art. Edible.
She sent this to me just now, to commemorate the fact she went to vote in person, and created this to commemorate the deed.

Stranded in the cold. Trump supporters having second thoughts.

The Genius of John Lithgow - read by actors of equal stature - Trumpty Dumpty and the pitiful GOP


A little levity at 11days out

Photo of Horse's Ass and Clydesdale

Juxtaposition illustrated


The Wit of RBG - another tribute

received in my inbox with the notation that the fly may well be Mike Pence's only black friend.

A theory about 45's covid infection I'm beginning to wrap my brain around

It's presented by Glenn Kirschner, who has my huge respect. I thought it impossible, but then, after the miracle of putting the infection behind him in 3 days I'm having thoughts of agreeing with it as a possibility. A lot of people would be involved in the deception, but they are obviously lying anyway.



Nope. I'm fresh out. No Sympathy here.

Blushing as I admit I like the whip best

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