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A few things I saw just an hour ago - havin' fun being alive

Evidence of Summer

Looking into the water at the local quarry

Seeing geese appear in the sunshine

In honor of Holocaust Remembrance - and our theme of "Sacred"

A photograph I took about a year ago at a camp I had never heard of before. Though Sacred beyond credence I could not bring myself to enter it in the contest.


WTF - a little non-political tale with a progressive twist

Here in the South to the US of A I had a medium size fence installed a few days ago . 3 people showed up to do it. Headed by a 35 or so year old Spanish speaking woman, with adequate knowledge of English. She wielded the panels, the layout, the progression, the level, the drill and the job. Her main assistant was a 40 or so year old man from Mexico City, whose English was negligent but his appreciation of my bringing out cold water to drink was beautifully conveiged. The third person, a 23 year old or so American male, the one who dug the holes for the posts and mixed and shoveled in the concrete enjoyed himself while he played low volume serious classical music during the 8 hour installation.
I sent emails of appreciation about the job and the crew to the top three people in the company.
We are moving forward.
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