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Mira's Journal
Mira's Journal
April 30, 2019

The day Agent Orange decided to run for President

was in my opinion the worst decision and the worst day of his life. I suspect if he could take that damn elevator and "Melanie" back upward and pretend the elevator stalled, he would.
I think he and all of his nepotistic cabal know this and rue his narcissistic decision by now.

Everything related to his delusions of grandeur is like a rancid worm squishing in the dust on the ground at our feet, and any financial gain they have grifted and stolen is evaporating as the charlatan is exposed. A would be despot in a world that will ultimately not put up with him and has his fucking number already while gagging with a spoon.

Just like the ineptitude of Bush Junior has opened the possibility for the election of Barack Obama, Agent Orange has widened the path of our evolution for further advancement. Yes, he has that base of deplorables who hard headedly seem to not be able to understand that they made a huge mistake. But they are not growing. We are, by pulling in those who have not cared about voting before. I'm comfortable knowing Trump is a blip in our progress, and ultimately one that may have sped us up by a huge leap as we come forth and extend the blue wave of the mid terms.

I do believe a fast tracked investigation ending in impeachment is the best thing for our country, a few months of Mayonnaise Pence cannot and will not be a daily pre-occupation or a rapid acceleration of descent. He is way too dull, lacking the spark of insanity, plus is weak mentally.

I have my favorites in the lineup of our candidates. We are blessed though to have people of substance and intellect running, who know what is needed immediately. And the ones who don't (not my favorites) won't be surviving the nominating process.
So I say, let's persevere.

April 27, 2019

Glorious Spring, a short walk just now

I turned left, and walked down the 5 houses to the end of my block.
The last, crazy one, is me returning to my own yard.

April 24, 2019

A simple Walk on Easter Sunday Morning

Started in the Cemetery, wandered over to a wonderfully landscaped backyard and then moved on toward home and a family dinner.

April 21, 2019

*****Finals posted for April Contest+++++

Thank you all for participating, it was fun to see your photos.
Take it away mnhtnbb for May Contest

April 21, 2019

*****And the Winners are+++++Photo Contest April Announcing the Winners on "Happy Easter" Sunday

Congratulations to every single Photographer who entered and to all who voted for the ultimate winners of the APRIL CONTEST

First Place goes to

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Second Place goes to
Solly Mack
Baby Mantis in Dark Light

Third Place goes to
Mud Sculpture, Spencer Island

The other finalists are
sinkingfeeling with Paris Window

The Original ‘Apple’Phone?

A Day In Paris

SpongeBob Mail Box

MIT Stata Center

Boulder City, Nevada

I’m very happy with the contributions and the enthusiasm, many of my favorites ended up on the top as winners. I especially like Dyedinthewoolliberal’s Mud Sculpture for it’s wonderful composition, balance and the highlights. I thank all of you for making this a fun contest.

My hostess award, theme being considered, goes to

Callalily for
Thirsty anyone?

April 18, 2019

Robert Reich has a simple solution to what's to be done next.

we surely would not disagree with his words

April 18, 2019

*****The Finals are up for the APRIL CONTEST +++++ Please vote

Here is the link to the finals.
Thank you all for participating, voting and helping to keep the thread kicked.

The end is Easter Sunday, mid day

April 18, 2019

*****FiNALISTS in our April Contest+++++ Please vote for your Favorite, let's determine the Winners

The FINALISTS have emerged from your votes, now please vote again.

Here they are: Your FINALISTS for the APRIL PHOTO Contest! 
The Contest will run right into Easter, and the Winner’s prize will be the hosting of the contest for May.

The top winner of the APRIL PHOTO Contest will be awarded the honor of hosting the MAY PHOTO Contest, or, if unable to host, commits to finding a substitute host. 

The poll will run for 72 hours.  Til Mid day on Easter Sunday.

Paris Window

SpongeBob Mail Box

Baby Mantis in Dark Light

How Does Your Garden Grow?

MIT Stata Center

Boulder City, Nevada

The Original ‘Apple’Phone?

Mud Sculpture, Spencer Island

A Day In Paris

April 15, 2019

*****Preliminaries are up for the APRIL CONTEST+++++

Here are the links:

Thread 1 https://www.democraticunderground.com/100212012007

Thread 2 https://www.democraticunderground.com/100212012027

Thread 3 https://www.democraticunderground.com/100212012057

Thanks to all who submitted a photo - or two - I very much appreciate your participation. Please go vote, and help me keep things kicked.

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