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Member since: Thu Oct 21, 2004, 06:06 PM
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3 simple political statements in Key West

Finally I have a less than mind numbingly slow internet, and I can show you these 3 shots from Key West, a mere 16 days before the mid terms

the third one is the front yard of a small house that is in the process of being worked on. Maybe the house mates had an argument that destroyed some parts of the property?

I've said it for a long time... (about abortion)

If you're against abortion: DON'T HAVE ONE

Also: on a more combattive note: don't have a sexual relationship with a Republican who votes that way

Pre-occupied with Nov. 6 - but enjoying Key West nevertheless

As you know I get to go to the Southern Most Spot periodically, and it's a home away from home. This year wherever I go I am in need of asking people if they are going to vote, and gauge the response. ALL BUT ONE of many gave me the correct feel of a response, which resulted at times in good conversation. The one holdout said she was going to vote, but she also gave the impression it was not a vote I wanted to happen. To me that is wonderful odds.

The photos are nothing but a few today in a walk about in 86 degree heat. And nothing very special. The upload is mind numbingly slow where I am. Enjoy looking.

I beg to worry! (have we seen this 'toon?)

I've taken to ask every single person I come into any conversation with, no matter where, if they plan to vote. Have not found a single one who said no, and not a single one who did not understand the importance.
I'm encouraged.
Visiting in the Florida Keys at the moment.

Posting this quickly before dinner so it stays down when you eat it

Today's evening in the Florida Keys

As I talk to folks in Marathon Key I can feel the huge sense of relief and sincere gratitude that this time they will be spared.

SNL - just now they were almost this good:

The impersonation of the hearings was so good I had to first go change my underwear, and then pull up this photo I took of my TV screen during the Jeff Flake happenings of them.
I hope it will soon be posted by someone, look for it, but pad your underwear first.

Probably lively and worth watching: Bill Maher and his guests on HBO at 10 pm---EST tonight

It's the 21st of September and Michael Moore's new film FAHRENHEIT 11/9 came out today. I saw it this afternoon. He stops at nothing as he tells us how he sees it, the Trump disaster and the manmade disaster in his home town Flint Michigan, and the reasons and reactions are arrestingly terrifying. It seems that he filmed and recorded happenings almost up to now, so it's extremely topical as well as a roadmap to how we got to where we are now.
I'm almost unable to talk about it, it's so raw and even though I feel that I know of most of these things he chronicles - there were some shocks and new information.

This is but a preamble to telling you he will be on with Bill Maher.
So will Catherine Rampell
Thom Hartman
Steve Hilton
and PJ O'Rourke.


Duck and Cover-- instructional video for what to do when 45 tweets

Washington Post Department of Satire


Mike Luckovich toon. Hide and Go Seek.....and find.

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