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Member since: Thu Oct 21, 2004, 05:06 PM
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Of all the things that make me laugh about this cartoon about Corn Pone and 45

...the tip of the tie (and the short pants) are the very best parts.

If you don't have a sock to stuff in 45's mouth / try this ( 'toon)

Expert looking for cabinet post. Should not be difficult. There are spaces yet unfilled.

The Winners are posted *** October*** DOORS and GATES

congratulations to

mindem ----- PA Democrat ----- Curt East Point

beautiful photos, I'm very happy about the contest.
Thank you all for contributing and helping me keep it kicked.

Go check it out:


***Announcing the Winners*** October Photo contest: DOORS and GATES

The First place goes to
with the haunting and mysterious photo of the

The Second place goes to
PA Democrat
with the lovely scenery and the unexpected blue at
Achill Island, Ireland

Third Place to
CurtEast Point
for the gorgeously captured beauty and flawlessly placed depiction of
Spello, Italy. Number 14

This was a pretty hard fought contest, there was no way to know who would end up in the first spot for a long time.
I congratulate the other finalists, and thank everyone for their contributions.

fish house = teamster 633

Eberbach Abbey =a la izquierda

Into the Present =Solly Mack

Eternity’s Gate =Dark n Stormy Knight


My hostess choose is Mz Pip’s photograph
At the Pompidou

The richness of the black and white, along with the symmetry and magnificence of the architecture made this one of my very favorites.

Thank you, everyone, and now, take it away for November:

***October Finals are up*** "DOORS and GATES" please go vote

Link to the thread of finalists,


I am pleased by the offerings and the finalists that have emerged, this was a fun contest for me. Please help keep it kicked and please

Search for the Winners*** October Contest*** DOORS and GATES - please vote in the finals

Here are the finalists in the Photography contest for October.
The theme is “DOORS and GATES”

We have beautiful photographs for you to peruse and make your choice.

Please also help us keep this thread kicked.
This was a fun contest, I enjoyed bringing it to you, and I hope you will do your part

Thank you.

Skinner has allowed this to run in GD

Door To Nowhere

Eberbach Abbey

Spello, Italy. Number 14

fish house

Into the Present

Eternity’s Gate

Achill Island, Ireland

About Jefferson Beauregard Corn-Pone

I am listening a bit to the interrogation of him by the panel of Senators, and I find him to be a splendid representation of the level of honesty, transparency, regard for the people and their concerns, and readiness for his office as is also exhibited by the rest of our current government.

In other words, I am appalled at the hesitancy and fearfulness in the responses, and disgusted that this ignorant person represents the head of our Department of Justice.

The swamp was drained and everything that was found in the muck was elevated into the current cabinet.
The Peter Principle at work all around us.

*** October contest*** DOORS and GATES is up and running

The threads are here:

Thread 1
Thread 2

Please go vote for your favorites and please help me keep the threads kicked.
Thanks for your participation.

*** OCTOBER Photography CONTEST*** Thread two of 2 "DOORS AND GATES"

The theme for the October contest is
please everyone vote in each of the 2 threads and also help keep this thread kicked.

Your comments are welcome, and your vote is needed. So don’t just look at them, also leave behind your vote.
We photography folks appreciate your words and your action.

This poll will run for 3 days. The top 3 in each thread will advance to the finals along with the next highest vote getter.

After you vote in this first thread, go here and vote for your favorite
Thread 1
(if you have not already)

Skinner has authorized this poll to be run in GD.

fish house

At the Pompidou

Arch in Grey

Into the Present

Since 1888

Eternity’s gate

Achill Island, Ireland

Dos Cabezas Pioneer Cemetery
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