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Mira's Journal
Mira's Journal
December 1, 2016

Remember my trip to see the Stallion a few days ago?

They also happened to have 7 week old Jack Russell Terriers.
I thought hard. For Three days. Then I went back and got mine.

Her name is LOLA
as long as she learns who's boss in General, I don't mind if whatever Lola wants, Lola gets. (from Kinky Boots, presently my new favorite movie)
We are in our second day together, and are bonding, or as Gemans say: Becoming one heart and one soul.

I have a suspicion there will be Lola photos in the future, though her face is quite dark, and I'm glad I got these, with the sun in her eyes.

November 30, 2016

Trump to Step Away from Making his Businesses Bankrupt to Focus on Bankrupting Country - Borowitz

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—President-elect Donald J. Trump will no longer have day-to-day responsibility for driving his businesses into bankruptcy and will instead focus on bankrupting the country, one of his leading surrogates said on Wednesday.

Appearing on Fox News, Kellyanne Conway said that while Trump no doubt could “plunge both his businesses and the country into bankruptcy at the same time,” he feels that he “owes it to the American people to put them first.”

Acknowledging that Trump has no government experience, Conway said that his years of bankrupting a variety of companies would prove “invaluable” as he does the same to the United States.

“It’s going to surprise a lot of people when they see how great he is at this,” she said.

On a related matter, Conway said that Trump would allow professional managers to oversee his fraudulent enterprises, like the now defunct Trump University, so that he can concentrate on defrauding the entire country.

“There is a big difference between conning a few thousand students at a phony university and swindling a nation of more than three hundred million people,” she said. “Mr. Trump is well aware that this is going to be a full-time job.”

November 28, 2016

*****November Finals are posted in GD*****

here you go:


and should you read this, postatomic, please let us know if you are OK. In all the years I have participated in these contests no host in charge has completely vanished and not shown back up in any form.
We hoped all is well with you and proceeded.

November 28, 2016

WINNERS of the *****November Photo Contest*****

The subject matter of the contest was
"Anything goes"

I ran the contest filling in for postatomic who won in October.

This was a nailbiter of a contest to the last few minutes but this photograph pulled ahead at the end and won

!st Place goes to

Three Graces by Alfredo

Second Place goes to Richard D with
Long Ago

Third Place to Mz Pip with

Mz Pip

Fourth went to Solly Mack with
My Shade of Blue

Solly Mack

And trailing is my own photograph of squirrel porn
Heaven. I’m in Heaven.


My choice as hostess goes to the wonderfully balanced rendition of
Garlic. I can really hear the rustling of those outer dry leaves.

by Callalily

This was a fun contest - I thank all who submitted photos and participated.

My hearty congratulations to you for the spectacular and scary Three Graces.

November 28, 2016

Trump Picks El Chapo to Run D.E.A. reveals Andy Borowitz

NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report)—Just days after picking Betsy DeVos to run the Department of Education, President-elect Donald Trump has tapped another wealthy outsider by naming Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán to head the Drug Enforcement Administration.

In an official statement, Trump said that El Chapo’s “tremendous success in the private sector” showed that he has what it takes to “shake things up” at the D.E.A.

Trump’s appointment of the former drug lord surprised many in Washington, in no small part because acrimony between the two allegedly prompted El Chapo, in 2015, to put a hundred-million-dollar bounty on Trump’s head.

But, appearing on CNN, the Trump surrogate Kellyanne Conway said that the selection of El Chapo should surprise no one. “Mr. Trump always said that he would surround himself with the best people,” she said.

When asked why Trump had readily offered a job to El Chapo while still mulling the fate of another former adversary, Mitt Romney, Conway said, “El Chapo might not have voted for Mr. Trump, but that’s because he’s Mexican and in jail, and Mitt Romney is neither.”

November 28, 2016

Meeting Painting Freedom today. A magnificent thoroughbred stallion - I even have a video

A friend of mine bought him from a person in Montana, and he arrived about 25 min from my house having traversed to the East Coast in order to bring his unusual colors and special beauty to horses here.
I know nothing about horses but my friend does, she single handedly runs a huge stable on 56 acres and I got to be the first visitor to see him.
He was so happy to get to play and roll around that I was unable to get any really good shots because of all the dust he raised. What a beauty he is.

I’ll show you the road leading to the stable, and then the view from the front door, and then you meet him.

Now meet Lola, the 6 week old Jack Russell Terrier who lives there as well

And here is the video, it was taken in his old home in Montana

November 25, 2016

The Finals are up ***** November Contest *****

Here is the link, please go vote, and good luck to the finalists.


November 25, 2016

P O L L ***** FINALISTS ***** for the November Photo Contest

The Theme for November is:

“Almost Anything”

A photograph that either spoke to the photographer as a favorite, or one where an intriguing or beautiful scene was captured.

Here are the FINALS! Please vote for YOUR favorite!

The winner of the November Contest will host the one in December.
I hosted this for postatomic, who won in October. Since that was a last minute decision I was able to leave in my photo as an entry

Skinner allows this to be run in GD.

Three Graces

Heaven. I’m in Heaven.

My Shade of Blue

Long Ago


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