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Dear Elleng: I took the liberty to show you what Picasa can do

Remember: I mentioned to install the free program from Google called Picasa, and that you can straighten the horizon lines with it. We all do this from time to time. But you did not want to bother with it, and thought just holding the camera more still might do it.

Now look here:
I straightened this breathtakingly beautiful photo of yours in Picasa. It took about a second.
I don't know if or what you entered, but you have til midnight to exchange it out.
I just love this photo of yours, who knew you would learn so quickly!

Whole Wheat Bread - easiest ever - and 3 times in a row it turned out like this!

I've been baking bread for a long time, the old ways, the bread machine ways, the
Artisan way.
Never though have I been able to create tall loaves like this with only whole wheat flour until I made it like I'm describing in the attached recipe.

Hope you like looking and baking. I wrote it up for a friend who tasted it and wanted to have the recipe - so it's a bit more detailed and descriptive than it needs to be for seasoned bakers.

At no time though disregard the care you must take with the hot pot.

Whole Wheat Bread

You need whole wheat flour
envelope of regular yeast
salt and a Dutch oven (cast iron / Le Creuset / or ceramic Dutch oven with a lid. The lid cannot have plastic on it, because it has to withstand very high temperatures)

In a large bowl stir  together 4 cups of whole wheat flour (King Arthur's is preferred, or good flour sold in bulk )
2 cups of tepid water into which you stirred the yeast and 2 tsp of salt

Stir with wooden spoon till mixed. It needs to be moist, but hold together - you don't want it liquid. Adjust water or flour til it is a very moist but credible dough, not a puddle .

Cover with a towel and let sit on the counter for 12 - 18 hours / I wait about 18

Flour a surface ( I have one of the silicone mats that look a lot like this: 


Aldi sells them every now and then, cheaper)

gently dump the dough onto the floured surface and just push it together into a ball. Don't push it down or manipulate it.

Let it rise 2 more hours, covered with a floured kitchen towel.

Now put the Dutch oven and the lid into the oven and preheat the oven to 450 for at least 20-25 min.  

Be very very careful removing the lid and hot pot and set them onto a heat proof surface.

Gently lift the ball of bread and put it in the hot Dutch oven, which has been sprayed with Olive Oil and generously sprinkled with a mixture of  seeds/ sesame/sunflower/flax seeds/wheat germ/ stuff like that. You can get it at whole foods in the bins that release it into bags. I keep a mixture of it in a glass jar for when I bake bread. Then spray the top of the dough with water, and sprinkle it with the mixture as well.
Cover with the lid and bake at 450 for 30 min. Carefully remove the hot lid and bake it 10 more minutes, or till it looks and sounds done. You rap on the bread like it's a door and if it sounds hollow its done.

Carefully remove bread - slide it onto a rack to cool - do not cut it for at least 20 min.

OH NO - one of the most terrifying images from The Godfather: have we seen this version yet? (toon)

I've never done a "caption this" before - and maybe it should be in the Lounge

But then gun related posts are mostly political...
OK - so I'm not doing a "caption this" - really. I just wanted you to see this well prepared mutt.

Meet Lucas - a new neighbor

I was on a walk when my friend Lea asked me to come in and meet her new Chihuahua Puppy, and my camera happened to be with me

Christie Unaware He Was the Governor - new scandal revealed by Andy Borowitz

TRENTON (The Borowitz Report)—At a hastily called press conference today, Chris Christie revealed that he only became aware that he was the governor of New Jersey in the past seventy-two hours.

“Unbeknownst to me, some people I thought I could trust were secretly working to elect me governor of this state,” a visibly stunned Christie told reporters. “I have acted swiftly and fired them all.”
While asserting that he had terminated all of the people who were involved in the scheme to elect him, he said that, if he finds additional conspirators, “I will deal with them accordingly.”

Christie struggled to explain how he remained in the dark about being governor, a position he has held since 2010: “I guess I’m just not much of a detail person. People think I’m a micromanager. I’m not. If a bunch of people are going behind my back and plotting to make me the governor, that’s not the kind of thing I pick up on.”
Reflecting on his reaction to the news that he is the governor of New Jersey, Christie said he felt “angry, embarrassed, and humiliated, but mainly just sad.”

“It’s sad that this was allowed to happen,” he said. “It’s a sad situation for me and for New Jersey.”


Take a look: Population distribution of the United States, measured in Canadas

The population density of Canada is incredibly low compared to the United States. This map is a great way to visualize the difference between the two countries.
You could fit the entire population of Canada into each area on the U.S. marked "Canada."

it originated here:

Progressives stand united! They stand up for others, and for each other - here's the list.

Polar Vortex Causes Injuries as People Making Snide Remarks About Climate Change Are Punched in face

Polar Vortex Causes Hundreds of Injuries as People Making Snide Remarks About Climate Change Are Punched in the Face
(I would have put Borowitz on the header but it did not fit)

MINNEAPOLIS (The Borowitz Report)—The so-called polar vortex caused hundreds of injuries across the Midwest today, as people who said “so much for global warming” and similar comments were punched in the face.
Authorities in several states said that residents who had made ignorant comments erroneously citing the brutally cold temperatures as proof that climate change did not exist were reporting a sharp increase in injuries to the face and head regions.
In an emergency room in St. Paul, Harland Dorrinson, forty-one, was waiting to be treated for bruising to the facial area after he made a crack about how the below-freezing temperatures meant that climate-change activists were full of shit.
“I’d just finished saying it and boom, out of nowhere someone punched me in the face,” he said. “This polar vortex is really dangerous.”
The meteorology professor Davis Logsdon, of the University of Minnesota, issued a safety warning to residents of the states hammered by the historic low temperatures: “If you are living within the range of the polar vortex and you have something idiotic to say about climate change, do not leave your house.”


"Defend ALL free speech" Challenge to the GOP. Not just that which fits your world view.-Tina Dupuy

As the dust settles over A&E’s “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson’s interview in GQ, I’d like to offer a challenge to all who defended his right to wax nostalgic about how happy black people were before the civil rights era (also stating that Shintoism is basically Nazism and homosexuality is basically bestiality). To all those who rushed to Robertson’s defense—invoking the First Amendment of the Constitution, specifically free speech in an effort to immunize against any repercussions—I’d like to dare you folks to defend controversial speech that doesn’t fit your worldview.
If you really believe in free speech, if you really think it’s in danger of being abridged, if you really believe it’s an absolute right of living in a free country—then stand up for liberals who say dumb things too.
Rally for Alec Baldwin. How about the governor of Louisiana spend an afternoon tweeting support for Martin Bashir’s alleged right to a basic cable show. Get some Change.org petitions going. Get these people back on TV!

In 2010, Sarah Palin called for President Obama’s then chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, to be fired because he privately used the word “retarded.” Palin was so offended by the word “retard” she equated it to the “N-word” (then later passionately defended the use of the “N-word” when Dr. Laura was the one slinging it across the airwaves). Palin cited her child with Down Syndrome as the reason Rahm should lose his job for his potty mouth. She wrote on Facebook: “I would ask the president to show decency in this process by eliminating one member of that inner circle, Mr. Rahm Emanuel, and not allow Rahm’s continued indecent tactics to cloud efforts.”

much more here:

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