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Member since: Thu Oct 21, 2004, 05:06 PM
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Why I'm exhausted and a picture of the butt of a peacock

My house along the fence has huge trees, and the leaves fall into my fenced back yard and have to be schlepped to the street on tarps.
The photos in no way show how much there is, but you get the idea.

I saw some wild peacocks last week, and was not in a position to go for good shots, but here is a nice butt

Nice visual explaining the "Obama lie" problem the Republics dug out to besmirch him. ('toon)

Seeing this warmed my heart

Luckily I had my camera around my neck

Duh. Face palm. Just what is the difference in allegiance and opinion? Can't clue you in the header.

If it's Friday night, it must be time for Bill. Maher. Here's the lineup. HBO 10 pm and 11pm EST

Bill Binney

Anthony Weiner

David Avella

Victoria DeFrancesco Soto

John Heileman

I'm reading Heileman and Halperin's book "Double Down" and find it fascinating of course. Any insights into our President and the re-election times is ever so good a read to me.
Anthony's "Weiner", not so much. But I suspect he's bringing it along.

Here's what will come to mind every time I hear Republics scream over Democrats in a "debate"

This is how lucky I was at sunset tonight

My friends took me to the beach and now I'm showing you

I'm cracking up about my mother. 89 in 1 month. And funny without even trying.

Here she is, a couple of months ago, soaking up sun.

So I have this wonderful alert ancient mother, whose body is falling apart while she learns more to sharpen her mind all the time. She lives in Germany. Thanks to a company called Tel 3 I can call her once a day and let her talk as long as she wants and it never costs me more than about 25 bucks a month total.
In our daily talks our subjects run the gamut of EVERYTHING,
and as she is in a room living alone in a supervised facility she has a lot of time to read. So I make suggestions. She is known in her neighborhood bookstore as the old lady who comes in and inquires about American books and if they have been translated. They love to assist her. The clerks, as are the clerks in most all German stores, are highly trained to assist customers. They go through long term training, get accredited, and then make a liveable wage.

I do say this to show up what we are NOT DOING here, and to prove that these guys like their work, and don't just thumb their nose at an ancient lady on a walker who requests the unusual.

Having set you up, here is what happened in the last two days.

I started reading "The Hunger Games". I told her that it's way out there when it comes to her reading experience, but why not try something new and futuristic? Plus, there is book one. And if she does not like it she does not have to buy books two and three. And if she does like it there is more to look forward to.

So I spell " Suzanne Collins - The Hunger Games - (say, maybe it's called Hunger Spiele) and let it go.

Next day she says she's got it.
That the clerks thought that it may not be her cup of tea, that it's kind of a children's book. But she stiffened and said her daughter was no longer a child and said America was crazy about it. All ages. And she wanted to read it now.

Here comes what cracked me up.

She said,

"I put down the book and was really happy to get started reading. But first I picked up "Der Spiegel" and what did I see? A two page spread on that a woman named Susan Collins, a Republican, and another woman, Barbara Mikulski, a Democrat, helped solve the crisis that shut down the government in America.
Now I want to know the utter co-incidence of a woman who wrote such a best seller like this Hunger Games, and then solves America's most current problems too. She must be a Genius. That's an incredible thing. I could not believe my eyes."

I could not believe my ears, and had to set her straight. She was disappointed, but had to laugh, too.

I hope you find it funny to participate in a little levity between the continents when things aren't so funny/chummy between our countries for other reasons.

Sarcasm about Gov. Rick Perry and some of his pre-occupations rather than governing

Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced he was calling another special session so that the legislature could “pass a ban on the corrupt teaching and practice of gynecology, as well as banning women being licensed as doctors.”
Gov. Perry said that he was disappointed at the resistance he got for the abortion ban in June and July, and that he felt that it would’ve gone smoothly “if women’s heads weren’t filled with nonsense by women doctors and gynecologists.”
In a statement released by his office, he called on the legislature to:
• Ban the corrupt teaching and practice of gynecology.
• End the practice of licensing women as doctors in the state.
• Require the Board of Education to eliminate all mentions of female anatomy or biology from textbooks in the state.

Gov. Perry said that this was another step in his plan to “protect women and their health from any any behavior which might anger God and lead to their eternal damnation in Hell. You’re welcome, ladies.”


This line-up of future Presidents would make some heads explode. All over the place.

It makes me smile to see this bumper sticker. I just might have to make some of those (I can, you know )

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