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Member since: Thu Oct 21, 2004, 06:06 PM
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*****Feb. Submissions will cut off tonight at 7pm EDT*****

I'm pleased we added to the number of the photographs, and I will hopefully get the threads going later tonight.

I added the opportunity to submit more than one photograph per photographer, it's so nice to have the power of hosting
Add one if you like, are willing to host the March contest if you win, and have a star to post polls.

Lola in combat with cabin fever

Not me! You can't be calling ME!!!

i look like them, can you tell us apart?

So we had a little family fight!

it's my kingdom now.

Feb. contest related: To the velveteen ocelot: you will be surprised

This is a painting I have in my bedroom, to see when I sit in bed and read. Painted by my friend Lea Lackey Zachmann who is an art teacher at High Point University.
I could not afford to buy it, so I asked to be allowed to hang it.
Now you can imagine how much I like your entry, and how startling it was to see it.

To all you who read this:
go look at the entry by velveteen ocelot in the February contest submissions, and if you possibly can, enter a photograph yourself.

Here are some more of her works.

*****I can't offer any special prizes***** Just encouragement / Feb Contest with a twist

Please, guys, submit some more photos.
I should be closing the submissions, but we are really as low as ever. So I'll push it for one day, til tomorrow evening, Saturday.
If you want to submit a second photo, go for it. I'm the hostess, I can decide that for my contest, and maybe it will be fun.

Take a look at what a few typed google words will produce about our mindset

Thank you Harris Rosen. This is what charity and kindness look like. Would you be my President?

For more about this philanthropist

***Submissions are solicited *** for the February Photo Contest

The contest theme is "Cabin Fever" and here are the specifics and the entries so far. Please give it your consideration, and if you have a photo you took and can run the next contest should you win, I hope you will enter it!
You will need to be a star member to run polls, other than that we can and will help in how to run the contest.


Great for the Humor, the Truth contained in it, and the awesome graphic! Press conference Cartoon


That's way more creative than I could have imagined. We are off to a phenomenal start with this entry.
Must print it out and put it on my fridge. Send it to friends.
Laugh my A$$ off.
You rock!

***** Comment Thread for February Contest***** Theme "CABIN FEVER"

Please post your comments about the submissions here, or about anything else you want to say about the contest. We like it when you let us know your thoughts

here is the link to the submission thread:

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