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What a self - created crisis looks like. 'toon illustration

Trump Boasts That His Impeachment Will Get Higher TV Ratings Than All Other Impeachments - Borowitz

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—In an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt, Donald Trump boasted that, if he is impeached, the television ratings will be higher than those of any other impeachment in history.

“Everywhere I go, people tell me that if I am impeached, they’re going to watch it,” he said. “The ratings are going to be through the roof.”

He said that he expected his impeachment ratings to be “many, many times” the size of the audience for Bill Clinton’s impeachment, in 1998.

“It’s not even going to be close,” Trump said. “The ratings for Bill Clinton’s impeachment were a joke.”

Asked about the recent impeachment of the former South Korean President Park Geun-hye, Trump said, “Did anyone even watch that one? That was Korea. Nobody cares.”

As for the impeachment of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, he said, “I didn’t hear about that one. I don’t follow Brazil. I like Argentina. I saw ‘Evita’ many, many times. Andrew Lloyd Webber did a great job. Millions and millions of people loved it. But that was a Broadway show, not an impeachment.”

Even though he anticipates “just terrific” ratings for his impeachment, Trump said that he did not expect the media to provide an honest accounting of his audience size.

“They’re going to lie and say that a lot of people who watched my impeachment didn’t watch, and that’s going to be very bad and unfair, but it’s not going to change the fact that my impeachment will be a great impeachment, a really beautiful impeachment,” he said.


Chiming in from the deep South: Trae Crowder on the firing of Comey

Death Panel Selfie

Little Angels. Daycare in a corrugated shack in a South African township

Please understand:
On this, my first trip to South Africa, being overwhelmed is the basic state of my being. My questions were incessant, my observations incomplete and easily taken apart by my betters who might live there or have grown up there.
But then, not many Whites get into a township.

I’m doing my best with what I was able to glean, understand, and photograph.
My photos are nothing but snapshots. The best I could do.

A Township is a government planned ghetto. During Apartheid black people were removed to them, and kept under control with armed riot geared police, huge vehicles in the streets, helicopters. Now after Apartheid they still exist just like before, except the crowd management oppression is gone.

(Next time I'll show you a Kindergarten in that township, and after that, I promise it will be something uplifting )

The Sheeple will learn. Truth can bite. ('toon)

Finally I'm working my photos from South Africa

and I'm not sure how I can share them because there is so much - and so much emotion in my experience.

But here are a couple from my session today:

Not great, but the first one depicts my personal feeling for the country, what I expected, and what I found - and the second one depicts what I was told is the state flower of the country.

I'll get a grip soon I hope and find a way to share what I saw and felt.

Bill Maher's Real time tonight at 10 pm EST, HBO - you might want to watch!

Senator Elizabeth Warren, Ernest Moniz, Nick Hanauer, Rob Reiner, Tara Setmayer

On tonight’s Real Time, it’s a liberal group with one conservative who will be discussing and analyzing the past week’s political events with host Bill Maher.

Mass. Senator Elizabeth Warren is the top-of-show interview guest. She vehemently disapproved of Donald Trump’s presidency, appearing on CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper this week to discuss Trump’s first 100 days in office.

When asked to grade the three-plus months, she said “F”.

Trevor Noah knows this but I bet he'd like to hear these comments anyway

South Africa - their state flower is the bird of Paradise, and their flag was designed from it.

I was lucky enough to score a trip to South Africa and doubly lucky because I got to hang with natives of all kinds and colors. That makes it more possible to ask questions and integrate with them for a minute while staying safe and protected.

What this post is about is that whenever I mentioned Trevor Noah all faces lit up. I'm talking about the man on the street, the uber drivers, the folks who put me up, and people so poor they have to live in the townships which are the areas of town so desolate that the word slum is almost a step up. Where they squat for free except for their water and electric hookups.

Absolutely everyone's faces shone with deep pride. I never had to say the name twice.
(they all, by the way, speak English 'cept for a few percent, plus they speak several other languages)
Trevor Noah is a national treasure for them.

When they heard me say that I have the chance to watch his show 4 times a week, and how he tears Trump new ones and is gaining in ability and acceptance, they loved me for bringing them those news.

Having read Trevor Noah's book "Born a Crime" helped me a lot in understanding what I saw in Johannesburg, but I must say Trevor downplayed greatly what a city is like that is living in mortal fear. But then, the description of that is not the subject of this post.

Meanwhile, at the meeting of feline health care - the principals are assembled

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