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Member since: Thu Oct 21, 2004, 06:06 PM
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Rachel just broke that there is a fourth woman

Details will be on the Today Show tomorrow morning.
This is like an avalanche. The more women come forward, the more will feel empowered to also tell their story.

Even though Coumbus Day was YESTERDAY --- take a look and reflect anyway

Steve Schmidt talks about exposing the intellectual rot

The intellectual rot in the heart of the GOP that is.

Paging the future winner of the Pulitzer: David Fahrenthold

Thank you America: ....from a phone call I got from Germany

A friend of mine set his alarm for the middle of the night, the infamous 3 am, so he could listen to the "Debate".
His comment was:
"Thank you America for now broadcasting your comedy shows live."

Who knows what tomorrow brings....so I post this tonight

Republican Party Could Recover as Early as 2096, Experts Say and so does Borowitz

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—In what is being described as a best-case scenario, some political experts are predicting that the Republicans could once again be a viable political party as early as the year 2096.

Davis Logsdon, the head of the University of Minnesota’s political-science department, said on Saturday that the eighty-year time frame for the Republican Party to recover was “admittedly optimistic, but still doable.”

“It’s not going to be easy, and they have very little margin for error,” Logsdon said. “But if they do everything right and a lot of things cut their way, they could be up and running as a somewhat serviceable political party as early as 2096.”

According to the political strategist Tracy Klugian, however, Logsdon’s 2096 target date for the Republicans’ comeback is “laughably upbeat.”

“In order for the G.O.P. to become even a marginally functional political party again, all memory of the 2016 campaign will have to be obliterated,” Klugian said. “That means everyone who witnessed it will have to be dead, and probably those people’s children, and their children’s children, too. I wouldn’t bet on the Republican Party recovering any earlier than the year 2132.”

When asked about Klugian’s assessment, Logsdon said, “Yeah, 2132 is probably more like it.”


What a fine show Bill Maher's was tonight!

I hope so much he learns to just stick with folks who think like we do
When a link is up to the show do yourself a favor, pour your favorite beverage, grab your knitting like I would, and watch it.

Quote Mark Cuban tonight: "Donald Trump has finally become toxic"
Quote James Carville: " I think he will quit"

For those who, like me, care: Lineup of Bill Maher's guests tonight

HBO 10pm EST

Sen. Al Franken, James Carville, Johann Hari, Mark Cuban and Pitbull

(now I have to go and google who that last person is.

A little bathroom humor while we are nervous in the home stretch

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