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Member since: Thu Oct 21, 2004, 05:06 PM
Number of posts: 20,942

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A Photoshop solution to the problems with the weather in Paris

This way wind and rain can't whip up the hair to get caught in the spokes of an umbrella
Looks better, too.

Saved this in hopes of a future smile tinged with "Schadenfreude"

Was in Sarasota a couple of weeks ago, visited the Ringling Circus Museum (a jaw dropping, fascinating place) and while there took this photo desperately wanting the facial expression to be apropos on the day of the Midterms.

House Intel Committee Chair†

Financial Services Committee Chair†

Committee on Oversight Chair†

Judiciary Committee Chair†

Speaker of the House†

yes, there were heartbreaking disappointments (some might still get corrected) nationally and also locally in my heavily gerrymandered state of North Carolina.
Yet I am encouraged, and grateful. I believe in spite of the huge amounts of evidence to the contrary that we ARE evolving, that we ARE learning, and that so many more than before have begun to pay attention and are waking up.

Beautiful creations lifted me today - look - and see if it helps you as well

A friend, a quilter (and DU person) alerted me to the exhibition of Southern Quilts at the local Y.
I found such beauty that while I picked my jaw off the floor numerous times I forgot all about the upcoming terrifyingly hopeful day of Tuesday.

If you donít like the artistry here - by chance - at least go down to the last one.

Bill Maher has on Stormy Daniels at 10 pm EST / HBO

I for one will not be the one to tell 45 about it.

Opening Interview
Stormy Daniels

Jonathan Haidt

Max Boot, Anthony Scaramucci & Betsy Woodruff

What the 10 bombs (so far) are made of...

3 simple political statements in Key West

Finally I have a less than mind numbingly slow internet, and I can show you these 3 shots from Key West, a mere 16 days before the mid terms

the third one is the front yard of a small house that is in the process of being worked on. Maybe the house mates had an argument that destroyed some parts of the property?

I've said it for a long time... (about abortion)

If you're against abortion: DON'T HAVE ONE

Also: on a more combattive note: don't have a sexual relationship with a Republican who votes that way

Pre-occupied with Nov. 6 - but enjoying Key West nevertheless

As you know I get to go to the Southern Most Spot periodically, and it's a home away from home. This year wherever I go I am in need of asking people if they are going to vote, and gauge the response. ALL BUT ONE of many gave me the correct feel of a response, which resulted at times in good conversation. The one holdout said she was going to vote, but she also gave the impression it was not a vote I wanted to happen. To me that is wonderful odds.

The photos are nothing but a few today in a walk about in 86 degree heat. And nothing very special. The upload is mind numbingly slow where I am. Enjoy looking.

I beg to worry! (have we seen this 'toon?)

I've taken to ask every single person I come into any conversation with, no matter where, if they plan to vote. Have not found a single one who said no, and not a single one who did not understand the importance.
I'm encouraged.
Visiting in the Florida Keys at the moment.

Posting this quickly before dinner so it stays down when you eat it

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