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Tonight's debate in Flint: I hope very much that the candidates remember Abraham Maslow

Without remembering the hierarchy of human needs, and that the most critically important needs are at the base of the pyramid and moving upward, this debate could descend into something that is of little importance to the people of Flint who are in need of the biological and physical primary necessities.

They will tune out personal attacks between the two contenders, they will not care about emails or transcripts. They care about how they will be made whole, and how all the culprits will be pointed out, named, and punished.

After that they care about who will best protect them and others in the future, and they will use their instincts to see who is credible.
I will be watching to see how well this important criterion for tonight's debate is understood by Mr. Sanders and Mrs. Clinton.[i/]

Sanders just won Nebraska

Source: MSNBC

You are on a roll

Read more: MSNBC

Sanders wins in Kansas

Source: MSNBC

Sanders wins Kansas Democratic Caucus ------ MSNBC

No link yet.

Bill Maher: "Trump kept a book of Hitler speeches by his bedsite. Look what I did"

When I click on the thread: "Cha, I have your back" a yellow block of "we don't mean you" appears

I wanted to give a bit of a cudo to Cha, whom I have greatly admired for the steadfastness of her conviction and her support of our President.
Just because I support Bernie Sanders, who in my opinion is the continuation about to leave us, who in my opinion is the representation of the slant of going forward, I can't be heard because the big yellow banner of being banned appears.
Well, damn.
I said something, somewhere, that did not support a point of view that totally supported Hillary Clinton. Whom I cannot support. Damn again.

This i not what DU is about.

We have only just begun

What an indictment of the sad remnants of the RNC which has collapsed under its own weight

I want to make a statement about watching them resurrect Mitt Romney in this desperate attempt to stop the monster of their own creation.

They fell so low as to have to pull out a failed Presidential candidate, because their last President was a unilateral global and domestic disaster.
He now makes credible news as one who sits in the bathtub and paints pictures of his tootsies.

Let me rundown how to monitor Republicans today. It is historic, and has only just begun: LOOK

First Mitt Romney's blistering attack this morning. I have never enjoyed a speech by him before, but today I did.

Then comes at 1 pm a Press Conference by Chris Christie

and after that
at 1:30 pm a reply to Romney by the Donald himself

and tonight
a new debate where Drumpf and Fox news including Megyn Kelly are present.

I need even more popcorn

and while you adjust your schedule to check in on these events
remember this and,
why so many of the Trump voters will not be impacted.

Trust President Obama to come to the Rescue of Chris Christie (Mike Luckovich 'toon)

Trump Tremendously Relieved That K.K.K. Ties Did Not Hurt Him in Alabama ---told by Borowitz

MOBILE, ALABAMA (The Borowitz Report)—The Republican front-runner, Donald Trump, said on Tuesday night that he was “tremendously relieved” that the recent controversy linking him to the Ku Klux Klan had apparently not hurt him with voters in Alabama.

“I’m not a worrier by nature, but I must admit I was worried about this,” Trump told reporters. “The minute that that K.K.K. business started up, my main fear was, ‘I sure hope this doesn’t upset voters in Alabama.’ ”

After the Alabama returns came in showing him romping to an easy victory in the Yellowhammer State, Trump said, “I sighed a huge sigh of relief.”
Trump pointed to exit polls showing that ninety-seven per cent of Alabamans who voted for him were aware that he had been praised by the former K.K.K. leader David Duke “and voted for me anyway.”

“The fact that they knew I was endorsed by the K.K.K. but were able to look beyond it says something great about them,” he said. “I guess I was worried about nothing.”


A wonderful showing for SuperBern on Super Tuesday. Look to the future

We have been at it for many months, not years, and much more is still to come.
To quote Tulsi Gabbard:
"We have only just begun"

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