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Visual for Posterity and our Memory Books: The Republican Debates 2016

The birthing of the teaparty and the incompetence of the RNC let it come to this.
Self destruction is a terrible thing to watch.

While I have this nice picture of Bernie on ctl/c let me show it

I'm learning how to upload with imgur, have not yet caught on to how to make the picture small (for my sig line) and don't want this to go to waste

Dysfunctional and outmaneuvered —— The US Senate is about to get played by our President

by:Thomas Mills
Thomas Mills is the founder and publisher of PoliticsNC.com. Before beginning PoliticsNC, Thomas spent twenty years as a political and public affairs consultant.

The US Senate showed exactly how dysfunctional it is yesterday. The Republican majority decided that it will not even consider any appointment to the Supreme Court made by President Obama. Essentially, the Senators said we’re not going to do our job. In the real world, people get fired for doing that. In an election year, some Senators might, too.

The Senate could easily have agreed to hold hearings and then rejected Obama’s nominee, giving at least the semblance of performing their duties. Instead, they’re about to get played. Obama might not get his nominee, but Republicans may well pay a political price.This morning, Obama made a post to SCOTUSblog, the respected blog following the workings of the US Supreme Court. In it, he laid out the type of person he wants to nominate. He also said he expects the Senate to “fulfill their constitutional responsibility to consider” his nominee. Obama is clearly drawing the battle lines. It’s not really about confirming or not confirming. It’s about function or dysfunction—and right now the American people already believe Congress is dysfunctional.

Obama is laying the ground work for a big argument going into the November elections. Of the 34 Senate seats up for re-election, 24 are Republican. Of the ten most competitive seats, eight are held by Republicans. Their unwillingness to perform their constitutional duty along with government shutdowns and paralyzing gridlock makes the GOP look unable or unwilling to govern.

In addition, African-American voters, a major part of the Democratic base, will see the refusal to hold hearings on an Obama nominee as an attempt to cast the first African-American president as some how illegitimate. They’ve seen this tactic since the end of legalized slavery. Yesterday, the Senate gave them a reason to vote for Obama one more time.

In a state like North Carolina, Richard Burr might not be able to expect much African-American support, but he could hope for a lower turnout this year than in 2012 or 2008 when Obama was on the ticket. Now, he can probably expect just as high a turnout since he’s decided to diss the president. He’s given them something to vote against.

Obama is setting the stage for a showdown with the Republican-controlled Senate. They’re in a lose-lose situation. If they stand their ground and refuse to hold hearings, they are obstructionists who won’t do their jobs. If they give in to Obama, they look weak to their base. Once again, they’ve been outmaneuvered by the president by playing politics instead of doing their jobs.


I'm simply forced to post this.... Barack Obama tweet today about the Supreme Court appt. denied

Hope this works, can't do a better job


In my signature line in my profile I can only enter one image, and maybe a few words

I use photobucket, the fourth link down, called IMG. The link is interminably long, and I cannot queue up two images. How do you do it, you guys who put on many images, and when I right-click and check them I see that the link is very short.
I feel awfully awkward not knowing.

Bernie HQ open house tonight in Winston-Salem NC—I was there with my camera

A stenciled image to get us to feel the Bern

A cutout of Bernie to make us feel he is with us in spirit

A shot of the Audience—maybe 350 people / I’m totally guessing but the large room was standing room and sit on floor only

People from the audience got up to speak, we had 4 spontaneous and impressive speakers

A couple of friends of mine posing with Bernie

And finally a closeup of the young 22 year old local leader of it all "at home" after a hard day's work. He is staying with me.

I salute Michael Moore on his best and incredibly timely film yet ----"Where to invade next"

This film is released at a very critical time. Bernie Sanders potential candidacy may be looming, I for one am hoping for it and helping to bring it about. Many are questioning if the supposed revolutionary proposed changes Bernie proposes are possible, and if he can win.

The answers to the doubters sound like: "We are strong and wealthy, we can do anything we want to do, and others have long ago done it for less money" yet those answers don't sufficiently convince us Americans who are programmed to think in terms of taxes and dollars and self.
This film is proof these answers are not throwaways without foundation, they are being validated by Michael Moore as he jets around to many countries, one by one, with visuals, interviews, and solid proof that everything Bernie Sanders proposes is already established and integrated in many places around the world, and that people revolting have helped make them happen. Those changes are along the lines of making lives easier, happier, less stressful, more peaceful, and with much healthy co-operative energies towards our fellow men and neighbors. A "we" oriented life instead a "me" oriented one. And not only that, Mr. Moore ties it all together by showing us that many of the basic ideas for these more evolved ways to live are actually our own American based ideas, we simply did not manage to implement them. They got imported into other countries, fought for, and ultimately realized.

Every American voter needs to see this film a week or so before they vote on anything in our elections. Every school child of about 12 and up should see it with a cushion of good teaching, and a solid discussion and answer session. It is a film that educates not only about what is possible and already happening, but also about taking responsibility for failing to atone for our history, and therefore being stuck with little clarity and little ability to move forward.

I want to recommend this film to all of us, it will hopefully solidify some of our arguments to those who question. I want us to examine ourselves, and I want every one who is moved by it to recommend this film personally to whoever we know needs to see it.

I love Michael Moore's humor and approach. Always have.
But this film, more than any of his others, is leaving me in palpable pain. And it is a pain that can be alleviated, bit by bit, by allowing the light of what we can become shine through.

I grew up in Germany, I lived there til I was 20. I was a part of a really poor family of 7 children, one of my many jobs was to line up the potato each person got by size. but the excellent health and dental care we had was not a subject discussed at the dinner table. It was a given. I can personally attest to the family that I left behind having the care and "socialist" government assistance that is portrayed in MMoore's film, and that they expect it, shrug at the non-issue of it, and are aghast that I don't have it now as I live in the "promised land" that calls itself Number One.

Let's get real!
It will take a revolution, continuation of piecemeal action will not get us to any semblance of the promised land. We must get a move on and make it happen.

I've fallen for my little visitor

This is the service dog of a person who is living with me at the moment while canvassing NC for Bernie.
I've posted 2 of these on GD and got locked because it should have been GDP -- so I'll show them to you. I usually like big dogs, but I'm about to change my mind
Remember the movie: "The Artist"? The movie won the Oscar, the male lead won the Oscar, but the real star was the dog.

Why we need Bernie Sanders----made by Indie Flare Studios


Here is the comment by the creator:
I compiled a few clips to speech's made by Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. The Caucus is coming up tomorrow 02/20/2016 in Nevada, and I made this video to help gauge interest in my peers.

Creative Blackmail - Who is willing to try it and in which part of the country?

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