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Gender: Male
Hometown: NC
Member since: Thu Oct 21, 2004, 09:10 AM
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It scares me to think of what they've covered up

Whatever we imagine Trump has done, I am sure it is SO much worse. He has probably done things that have been covered up and no one even suspects. I mean really, as much of a womanizer as Trump has been in the past, I find it hard to believe that he hasn't hit on many, many women or even assaulted a few, WHILE he was President. And the business dealings I'm sure have been sleazy and dirty as well. I still can't figure out WHY they would attempt to cover it all up. Deep, deep down, ALL the Republicans in Congress know what a lying, amoral dirtbag he is. I keep hoping that we will reach a tipping point, but so far I've been disappointed.
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