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Historic NY

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Mid Hudson Valley NY
Current location: Sometimes its hard to tell
Member since: Mon Oct 18, 2004, 01:59 PM
Number of posts: 35,966

Journal Archives

Erratic gas prices in NY

WTF is that .


Castle Point VA to stay open

WASHINGTON – The Castle Point Veterans Administration Hospital in Wappingers Falls, which was proposed to close and be replaced by a new facility, is a dead issue.

The independent Asset and Infrastructure Review Commission was considering development of a more out-patient based facility about 10 miles from the current hospital.

That drew the ire of Schumer, other federal lawmakers from the Hudson Valley, as well as local and regional elected officials and veterans’ groups.

Senator Charles Schumer, who announced the end of the saga, said the bipartisan Senate members including the chair and members of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee announced their formal opposition to the VA AIR Commission process.


Pro-life is not just opposing abortion, Vatican says after U.S. ruling

"Being for life, always, for example, means being concerned if the mortality rates of women due to motherhood increase," he wrote.

"Being for life, always, means asking how to help women welcome new life," he wrote, citing an unsourced statistic that 75% of women who have abortions live in poverty or are low-wage earners.

"Being for life, always, also means defending it against the threat of firearms, which unfortunately have become a leading cause of death of children and adolescents in the U.S." he wrote.


Chef Jose is taking over OLd Post Office in DC (losers place)


The Shores of Normandy



The shores of Normandy

[link: |]


Florida man Oral sex sends Florida man crashing into FedEx truck

It was a head-on collision — literally.

A distracted Florida man receiving oral sex smashed directly into a FedEx truck in Ft. Lauderdale Thursday night, injuring his groin, local police said.


Let Elon talk and watch his stock go down


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