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Historic NY

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Mid Hudson Valley NY
Current location: Sometimes its hard to tell
Member since: Mon Oct 18, 2004, 01:59 PM
Number of posts: 35,975

Journal Archives

Just realized today at 1:59 PM will be my 17th anniversay here at DU.

Where has time gone?

Zuckerberg's cranky pants...

Well Facebook Stock is down 20 points and now there is a world wide outage of Facebook and related products.

Republicans gear up to inflict maximum pain on Democrats as the debt default deadline inches closer

Republicans are blocking attempts by Democrats to renew the US's ability to pay its bills, pushing the US closer to the precipice of default.

Congress has just 16 days to raise or suspend the debt ceiling to dodge what could be a catastrophic hit to the economy, ranging from delays in Social Security checks to seniors, turmoil in financial markets, and cuts to safety net programs like unemployment insurance and Medicaid. The world's trust in the dollar would fade. Interest rates would soar, lifting mortgage, car loan, and credit card payments. Ratings agency S&P would cut its rating to the worst-possible rank of D.

Raising the debt ceiling allows the US government to pay back what it owes, and the limit had to be lifted this year regardless of Biden's spending plans. Democrats are pressing Republicans to help raise it, arguing both parties racked up another $7.8 trillion in new debt under the Trump administration. Republicans also raised or suspended the debt limit three times under President Donald Trump.

Now that Biden is in office, the GOP is reversing course and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is spearheading the GOP drive to demand Democrats lift the limit on their own, escalating efforts to undermine President Joe Biden's domestic agenda.


They are trying to get the upper hand...

The Republican are laughing their asses off.....

The Democrats are writing their own commercials...for the other side. They should lock the doors and keep them in there until a vote is produced. We all heard of the weeks of negotiations and other bullshit in the end nadea.
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