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Historic NY

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Mid Hudson Valley NY
Current location: Sometimes its hard to tell
Member since: Mon Oct 18, 2004, 01:59 PM
Number of posts: 35,762

Journal Archives

Chilling Videos, Journal Found as Parents Face Scrutiny in Michigan School Shooting

Authorities on Wednesday identified the teenage suspect in the mass shooting a day earlier at Michigan’s Oxford High School as 15-year-old Ethan Crumbley, painting a picture of a clear-eyed teen who planned and executed a rampage that left at least four students dead and seven others, a teacher among them, injured.

Crumbley, a sophomore, was previously flagged by administrators for “behavior in the classroom that they felt was concerning,” Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard said Wednesday. His parents had even been brought into the school the morning of the shooting for a face-to-face meeting about their son’s behavior, according to Bouchard. He wouldn’t say what the behavior was, and police weren’t informed about any potential issues prior to the tragic event.

Nathan Swanson, a 10th grader who was in some middle-school classes with Crumbley, told The Daily Beast that he was “really quiet, he would never talk to people.”


Windows 11 sucks , don't fall for the its so great...

wouldn't work on the desktop, needs more memory. The HP laptop likes it but thats about it. Windows is out to take over your life and the world, don't do it if you use Firefox....don't do it if your help desk person is attached to it. Windows literally takes over everything and kicks aside everything to get it. It screwed with so many programs and caused havoc creating HP windows of death. After multiple trials and resets I am back to my normal. Keeping my fingers crossed. That was a bleeping mistake.

Facebook messaenger Friend REquests...

Out of the blue the limited people on my list were getting hit with fried requests. No photo, the age was the date and an entirely different year.

Changed all the passwords, dumped a couple of those Hi ya messages I found lurking. Made numerous reports to Facebook, they are idiots. Run all my malware, checkers, webroot, spybot, etc. no sign of any infection.

The Wisconsin suspect.

Darrell Brooks Jr.:


Three Senate Races Shift Towards the Republicans

The Cook Political Report moved three U.S. Senate races next year — in Arizona, Georgia and Nevada — from Lean Democrat to Toss Up.


Start paddling Mitch is just itching to get another SCOTUS seat.

Well I got a good nights sleep...

know that the moron Kevin was still tossing the word salad. They had to keep changing the potted plant GOp'ers that were falling at asleep at 11.

Maersk CEO on supply chain its labor & trucking capacity

Not going to improve due to trucking capacity and labor at ports. Perhaps The administration can start a "Red Ball Express" to get the containers out of the ports to destinations. This is not going to improve anytime soon, not enough truckers and port labor. Republican carping on the issue should be going to the ports in droves to drive trucks.


Democrats are retiring faster than they can be replaced.

If the alarms bells aren't ringing, that including redistricting, its looking like a blowout. A year from now, the crying won't stop when old Kevin is sitting it the high seat. Better get what you can get now, or you won't later. Those Democrats holding their breaths could be on the other end of getting bounced for sheer stupidity.


Baby its cold outside...

24 degree’s here in the Mid Hudson Valley, north of NY City Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

Just realized today at 1:59 PM will be my 17th anniversay here at DU.

Where has time gone?
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