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April's Fools day shifted one day out this year, per BNTS and as reported in Calendar Watch Weekly.

1 April 2016 (Calendar Watch Weekly)

The Bureau of National Time Standards and the Governmental Department of Scheduling (responsible for setting government holidays) has officially announced that this year - and perhaps this year only - April Fool's Day will be shifted to Sunday, April 2nd in a one time only event.

"Between the storms down south and that we just got finished with Easter, and that more people will be home on Sunday rather than Saturday, it made sense to shift it, as a trial experiment) to move to Sunday this year. That said, there's no reason why people can't celebrate both on Saturday AND Sunday and enjoy the whole weekend, but it won't be official on Saturday," said Julian Calendae, director of the Governmental Department of Scheduling.

"We want everyone to enjoy it," he continued, "and it makes more sense that we do it when convenient."

Some other holidays have already been shifted for years. For instance, although Halloween is officially on 31 October, many towns and cities stretch it out for two weeks in advance, so children can trick-or-treat at local businesses, or wear their costumes at school this year.

So far, other holidays remain the same. Thanksgiving will occur on a Thursday this year, as scheduled, and Christmas lands on the 25th of December this time, as is often the case.
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