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Member since: Sat Oct 16, 2004, 01:04 PM
Number of posts: 31,672

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Is the drought any better in CA ? What are the forecasts ?

I've heard about the el Nino coming. Thanks. All the best to you CA folks!

to Zappaman for this link: http://www.usatoday.com/story/weather/2015/09/10/el-nino-california-drought/72017258/

very sincere question about Governor O'Malley

I'm not a troll. Been here for almost 11 years, and I don't troll.

My question: What are the factors behind Governor O'Malley's showing in the polls ? I think he's a good man.

yes you will


Read that page for details. You have to upgrade before July 29, 2016 to get it for free.

President of the United States is an administrative position primarily, correct ?

Martin O'Malley was Governor of Maryland, which is an administrative position. I think that's an accurate statement. ETA: Lincoln Chaffee was Governor of Rhode Island, so I stand corrected again.

AFAIK, he is the only person with real administrative experience in this race. Before you chide me, I am an authentic Bernie supporter. If you search DU, you will see that fact.

What are your thoughts on this ? Hopefully we can have a snark-free and relatively civil discussion. Have a good day, and thank you in advance.

eta: I stand corrected. They all have experience. I simply see Governor of MD as the best experience, which probably doesn't align with my support for Bernie.

eta2: If O'Malley was an asshole (like Bush) or was a bad Governor (like Bush), then his admin. experience would not matter. AFAIK, he is a good man and was a good Governor. If you have evidence to the contrary, I'd like to see it.

Grovelbot: Should he return, stay in retirement, meh ?

For you newbies, when DU used to have donation drives, Grovelbot was the mascot. We all had a chuckle (I think) and pitched in. The donation drives stopped a few years ago. I know the drives were more work for the admins, but damn I enjoyed them. Of course, you can donate to DU at any time!

What do you think ? Bring him back ? Keep him in retirement ? Meh ? Other ?

Are We Asking Too Much of the Federal Reserveóor Too Little?



There has been obsessive chatter about whether the Federal Reserve will, or should, raise interest rates this fall. At the Fedís annual end-of-summer gabfest at Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the issue was topic A.

Advocates of a rate hike make the following claims:

Very low rates were necessary when the economy was deep in recession. Now, with growth up and unemployment down, the near-zero rates are creating speculative bubbles. They are not really stimulating the economy much, as corporations put cash into stock buybacks and bankers park spare money at the Fed itself. So letís get on with a more normal borrowing rate.

Opponents of a rate hike counter that the economy is a lot weaker than it looks. Wages are going nowhere. A lot of the jobs that have pushed down the nominal employment rate are lousy jobs. Chinaís economy has just hit a big wall, which will slow down global growth.

more at link above

Absolute WORST horror movie of all time, in YOUR opinion ?

Note I said "your opinion".

I'm no horror movie buff, but, um, were the Chuckie movies really scary ? If so, I'll keep on thinking.

Where exactly were you 14 years ago when you learned of the events of 9-11 ?

Note to juries: It is 9-11-2015, so this is a timely topic.

I was in a Florida state prison (working, mind you) talking to my male prisoner clients, when one of the inmates came up to the group and said "A plane just struck the World Trade Center". I said to him, reflexively, "You're kidding, right ?". He looked at me very seriously and said, "Mr. X, now why would I joke about something like that ?". I forget what was said next, but then several minutes later I went to watch a TV inside the inmate dormitory. The second plane had struck the second tower and the picture was shaking on the news.

A bad day for me and for America as a whole.

as a member of almost 11 years duration, here's my comments

1- Remove the jury system. Go back to moderation.

2- If you insist on retaining it, limit it to donors only, at least 1000 posts AND one year duration of membership, make it 6 voters again, and heavily scrutinize alerts in protected sub-forums. The reason behind donors only is, no skin in the game, you don't get a vote. Donations are $1 minimum these days, correct ? Everyone except the dirt poor can afford a dollar.

3- Maybe you need to go back to aggressive fund-raising appeals ? I enjoyed the whole Grovelbot thing.

Sincerely yours, a consistent donor and yellow-dog Democrat, Steve

Hooning - my new word I learned today



The act of being a hoon or driving recklessly, racing, doing burnouts etc.

Hey Blake, I'm feeling the need for speed and want to burn some rubber, you wanna come hooning?


Learn any fun new words lately ?
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