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Member since: Sat Oct 16, 2004, 01:04 PM
Number of posts: 31,051

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How to Identify and Defeat an Internet Troll


Have you ever met an internet troll? A troll is a special class of sociopath.

These nasty individuals are the sadistic ne'er-do-wells of the digital realm, the misanthropic misfits of information age. Unlike a normal person, when a troll enters an online discussion, he is not seeking truth or clarification. He usually doesn't even know how to debate in an intelligent manner. All he wants to do is inflict pain, ridicule, and humiliation on a targeted person.

Encountering an internet troll can be a disturbing, even frightening, experience for someone who has not had to deal with one. It can be an unexpected event, a strange twist that takes the discussion to a whole other level. You are taken off guard and find yourself struggling to defend yourself, instead of exploring a topic.

You're posting comments on a blog, forum, or social media platform like Facebook or Twitter. There are probably other people expressing themselves, some agreeing with you and cheering you on, others disagreeing with you and trying to debunk your assertions. The conversation is heated, or passionate, but civilized. Strong opinions are stated and countered with other strident points of view.

more at link

MADem Appreciation Thread

MADem rocks. Staunch supporter of the AA community, Democrats, and President Obama. Fearless.

Ok, that's enough. Add your appreciation.

If you really want to win the General Election in 2016.......

you better get in real tight with the PoC community. That's a fact, jack, take it to the bank. I'd say, hell, if you want to be the Democratic nominee period, you better get in real tight.

I'd say a lot more, but then this forum would be bombarded by non-regulars.

The assholes in my "ranks" here on DU are pushing me away from Bernie, to be frank

I'm looking at Martin O'Malley more carefully now. If the idiots want to promote Bernie, they are backfiring. If they want to destroy the Bernie community, they are succeeding marvelously. These people need to get a grip. Be nice. Be polite. Be positive. Sing his praises. Otherwise, STFU.

I only have a few people on ignore right now, but I'll be glad to expand that list

I'm pretty much troll-proof. I can spot an attempt to bait me or piss me off a mile away. As soon as I see it, boom, you're on ignore. No hides in 11 years, so it must be working. Watch me get a hide for this post lol

The worst troll is, ironically, probably one of the most popular people here. All I'm going to say.

This community is being alert-stalked

I'll do my best, despite my limitations, to support you. It's wrong. It's un-Democratic. It's fascist. It's beneath the original dignity of this board.

I hope Mr. Skinner thinks this over very very carefully, and evaluates each case on its own merits. 1SBM and Bravenak did NOT deserve time-outs.

Is the drought any better in CA ? What are the forecasts ?

I've heard about the el Nino coming. Thanks. All the best to you CA folks!

to Zappaman for this link: http://www.usatoday.com/story/weather/2015/09/10/el-nino-california-drought/72017258/

very sincere question about Governor O'Malley

I'm not a troll. Been here for almost 11 years, and I don't troll.

My question: What are the factors behind Governor O'Malley's showing in the polls ? I think he's a good man.

yes you will


Read that page for details. You have to upgrade before July 29, 2016 to get it for free.

President of the United States is an administrative position primarily, correct ?

Martin O'Malley was Governor of Maryland, which is an administrative position. I think that's an accurate statement. ETA: Lincoln Chaffee was Governor of Rhode Island, so I stand corrected again.

AFAIK, he is the only person with real administrative experience in this race. Before you chide me, I am an authentic Bernie supporter. If you search DU, you will see that fact.

What are your thoughts on this ? Hopefully we can have a snark-free and relatively civil discussion. Have a good day, and thank you in advance.

eta: I stand corrected. They all have experience. I simply see Governor of MD as the best experience, which probably doesn't align with my support for Bernie.

eta2: If O'Malley was an asshole (like Bush) or was a bad Governor (like Bush), then his admin. experience would not matter. AFAIK, he is a good man and was a good Governor. If you have evidence to the contrary, I'd like to see it.
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