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Member since: Sat Oct 16, 2004, 12:04 PM
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How bad was Ron Ziegler (for Nixon) ? I don't remember

I know he was bad, but was he AS BAD as SHS ?

you nailed it on the first post

He could run around on the White House lawn baying at the moon naked, and the Republicans in Congress would say, "oh well that's just Trump"

Should the media totally boycott Goebbels-in-pearls ?


Her latest lame attempt to defend the Nazi-in-Chief

Of course Faux, WND, et al will never boycott her.

The Arctic madness continues: 28F at Grise Ford, Nunavut, Canada


76.42 °N, well into the Arctic. Almost into December. The temperature here should much lower right now.

One place that maintains its sanity is sub-arctic Siberian Russia: -39.5 °F at Ekspeditsionnaya ulitsa IMIRNYY2


62.5 N latitude

At -27F, Old Crow, Yukon, Canada also maintains its sanity. 67.57 °N


Any Windows 10 device that includes Hyper-V hypervisor can now turn on HVCI.....


Any Windows 10 device that includes Hyper-V hypervisor can now turn on HVCI, a powerful mitigation against kernel exploits. This method uses a WDAC/config CI audit policy to enable HVCI.

MS document here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/device-security/enable-virtualization-based-protection-of-code-integrity

This is all new to me. I'll have to read up on it.

Brexit: UK divorce bill offer worth up to 50bn euros


The UK has offered a larger potential "divorce bill" to the EU - which could be worth up to 50bn euros (£44bn), the BBC understands.

There has been no final agreement on a number but the offer was given a "broad welcome" by Brussels, BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg said.

No 10 has played down reports the final figure could be up to 55bn euros (£49bn).

The offer was communicated to Brussels after last week's cabinet meeting.

CNN's Don Lemon on Trump: Just because you say you're not racist doesn't make it so


CNN's Don Lemon tore into President Trump on Monday night for calling Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) "Pocahontas" during an event honoring Native American Code Talkers.

On CNN, Lemon showed a past clip of Trump telling Lemon he is "the least racist person that you have ever met."

“Just because you say you’re not racist, doesn’t make it so,” Lemon said after playing the clip.

“Especially if you say, do and defend racist behavior over and over and over again. Especially if you have lost your credibility by telling countless lies, big and small.”

Beardaments, Tiny Christmas Ornaments and Festive Glitter Used to Decorate Mens Beards


Interesting. Walking Christmas trees

Watch live (at 3 PM EST): White House holds news briefing after Trump trip to Capitol Hill


Starts at 3PM EST

eta, change of plans, new link: (deleted bad link)

no lying Sanders, only the liar in chief I think

eta2: ok no good links so far.....

eta3: here I think for the liar in chief https://www.clickondetroit.com/news/live-stream-president-trump-delivers-statement-from-white-house-11_28_17-

HP quietly installs system-slowing spyware on its PCs


Lenovo has only just settled a massive $3.5 million fine for preinstalling adware on laptops without users' consent, and now it seems HP is getting in on the stealth installation action, too. According to numerous reports gathered by Computer World, the brand is deploying a telemetry client on customer computers without asking permission.

The software -- first identified on November 15 -- is called "HP Touchpoint Analytics Service" and appears to replace the self-managed HP Touchpoint Manager solution. According to the official productivity description, it features "the tools you need to ensure all your managed devices' security -- and brings you greater peace of mind". The problem is, it's installing itself without permission and is wreaking havoc on customers' systems.

One complaint on the HP support site says: "It's been making my computer work so hard I can hear it like cranking away and the light in the back of my computer is flashing rapidly in-tune with the cranking. In Task Manager I can see it starting and stopping numerous applications."

It's not yet clear how the new driver is being installed. It may have come with the latest Windows updates, or via HP and its support assistant processes, but regardless, customers aren't happy. "I understand that it hoovers all sorts of telemetry data -- and I am not willing to share too much of it really, definitely not without my knowledge," says one user on HP's forums.
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