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how's all my recluse brothers and sisters doing ?

I'm ok overall. How are you? Fending off the despair that Trump is STILL in office? Sigh.

"Your annual reminder that some senators who voted AGAINST making #MLKDay a national holiday...."


Your annual reminder that some senators who voted AGAINST making #MLKDay a national holiday are still in the Senate: John McCain (R-AZ), Chuck Grassley (R-IA), Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and Richard Shelby (R-AL).
Only McCain has apologized for his vote.

BTW, my sincere apologies for not including the text of tweets in the past. I know some on DU have trouble reading tweets for various reasons.

Ashampoo software now has a Meltdown/Spectre checker for your processor

I have no clue how good it is, but Ashampoo is a reputable firm as far as I know.


I checked mine, said I was vulnerable to Spectre. AFAIK, MS is putting out a patch for Spectre soon for my beta version. I'll go check again.

Trending on Twitter, #LivingWithDepressionIs


Chime in please. I have.

Charles M. Blow (NYT): "Trump Is a Racist. Period."


And finally, we have to stop giving a pass to the people — whether elected official or average voter — who support and defend his racism. If you defend racism you are part of the racism. It doesn’t matter how much you say that you’re an egalitarian, how much you say that you are race blind, how much you say that you are only interested in people’s policies and not their racist polemics.

As the brilliant James Baldwin once put it: “I can’t believe what you say, because I see what you do.” When I see that in poll after poll a portion of Trump’s base continues to support his behavior, including on race, I can only conclude that there is no real daylight between Trump and his base. They are part of his racism.

When I see the extraordinary hypocrisy of elected officials who either remain silent in the wake of Trump’s continued racist outbursts or who obliquely condemn him, only to in short order return to defending and praising him and supporting his agenda, I see that there is no real daylight between Trump and them either. They too are part of his racism.

When you see it this way, you understand the enormity and the profundity of what we are facing. There were enough Americans who were willing to accept Trump’s racism to elect him. There are enough people in Washington willing to accept Trump’s racism to defend him. Not only is Trump racist, the entire architecture of his support is suffused with that racism. Racism is a fundamental component of the Trump presidency.

eta and off-topic but....


Erick Erickson: "Its weird that people in the room dont remember Trump using that word"

Again, stopped clock


It’s weird that people in the room don’t remember Trump using that word when Trump himself was calling friends to brag about it afterwards. I spoke to one of those friends. The President thought it would play well with the base.

Sarah Silverman's response to a Twitter troll is a master class in compassion

This is the Mental Health Support Group. Nasty and uncalled-for comments are not welcome here. Thank you.


Sarah Silverman may be known for her biting comedy, but her recent exchange with a Twitter troll is being held up as a model of compassion.

A few days ago, Silverman sent out a tweet, and a total stranger replied cruelly with nothing but the "c" word.

But instead of lashing back or blocking the user, Silverman opted for a compassionate response.

"I believe in you. I read ur timeline & I see what ur doing & your rage is thinly veiled pain," she tweeted back. "But u know that. I know this feeling. Ps My back F--king sux too," she added, referring to the back troubles the user mentioned in his Twitter feed. "See what happens when u choose love. I see it in you."

Ok, Sarah, I never thought I would get inspiration from a comedian, but she does inspire me. Her skin is far thicker than mine, I'm sure.

Meet the 24 y/o Trump campaign worker appointed to help lead the governments drug policy office

(yes that is the official title)


In May 2016, Taylor Weyeneth was an undergraduate at St. John’s University in New York, a legal studies student and fraternity member who organized a golf tournament and other events to raise money for veterans and their families.

Less than a year later, at 23, Weyeneth, was a political appointee and rising star at the Office of National Drug Control Policy, the White House office responsible for coordinating the federal government’s multibillion dollar anti-drug initiatives and supporting President Trump’s efforts to curb the opioid epidemic. Weyeneth would soon become deputy chief of staff.

His brief biography offers few clues that he would so quickly assume a leading role in the drug policy office, a job recently occupied by a lawyer and a veteran government official. Weyeneth’s only professional experience after college and before becoming an appointee was working on Trump’s presidential campaign.

Weyeneth’s ascent from a low-level post to deputy chief of staff is the result, in large part, of staff turnover and vacancies. The story of his appointment and remarkable rise provides insight into the Trump administration’s political appointments and the troubled state of the drug policy office.

video at link

This is how I finally felt today about my printer....

I have a tax document I desperately need to print out. I guess I could finagle a way to have it mailed to me but nope, gonna do it all high-tech. It's a Brother HL-L2340DW monochrome printer (don't even get started on tech support...will explain why). Worked great with both USB and wireless.

Well, I have not used it in months because I don't print much stuff out, no need to. I had left it just plugged into the wall (big mistake) during our little hurricane back in September.

Long story short, the damn thing will NOT work in Windows 8 or Windows 10 whatsoever. I guess I could have gotten really ambitious and tried Windows 7 (yes it's an older model) but meh.... I even called freaking Brother and spent an hour on the phone. I tweeted Microsoft and one of the nice folks on the Insiders team took all my info, but nope, no resolution there either. Yes, I tried it with stable Windows 10 too, nopers. I even tried the oldest version of Windows 10 I had, which is the initial one way back in 2015. Yes, I had the exactly correct printer software from the Brothers site itself. The Brothers rep verified it and we both struggled with it.

I'll spare you all the geeky details. Finally today, I just F****** GAVE UP LOL and decided ok, the printer is probably f**** up because of a power surge when the power came back on after our hurricane. It didn't TOTALLY f*** it up, no that would be too obvious. Just enough that it will NOT work when I need the damn thing to work.

I just bought a new cheapy Brother printer that actually replaces this one. Just not worth it any more. Nope. Life is too short to get more gray hairs off this stupid f***** printer. Whew, now I feel better LOL

eta LOL:

The strange history of one of the internet's first viral videos


YOU’VE SEEN THE video. Everyone on the internet has. A man sits in a cubicle and pounds his keyboard in frustration. A few seconds later, the Angry Man picks up the keyboard and swings it like a baseball bat at his screen—it’s an old PC from the '90s, with a big CRT monitor—whacking it off the desk. A frightened coworker’s head pops up over the cubicle wall, just in time to watch the Angry Man get up and kick the monitor across the floor. Cut to black.

The clip began to circulate online, mostly via email, in 1997. Dubbed “badday.mpg,” it’s likely one of the first internet videos ever to go viral. Sometimes GIFs of it still float across Twitter and Facebook feeds. (Most memes barely have a shelf life of 20 minutes, let alone 20 years.)

Beyond its impressive resilience, it’s also unexpectedly significant as the prime mover of viral videos. In one clip, you can find everything that’s now standard in the genre, like a Lumière brothers film for the internet age: the surveillance footage aesthetic, the sub-30-second runtime, the angry freakout in a typically staid setting, the unhinged destruction of property.

The clip also serves up prime conspiracy fodder. Freeze and enhance: The computer is unplugged. The supposed Angry Man, on closer inspection, is smiling. Was one of the first viral videos—and perhaps the most popular viral video of all time—also one of the first internet hoaxes?

Can't believe I NEVER saw this LOL
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