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Member since: Sat Oct 16, 2004, 01:04 PM
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My dream: EVERY Trump voter and undecided voter reads that....I can dream, sigh

I'm sure the asshole Trump will sue them, unsuccessfully. That was a beauty.

the way DU has become, I'd get a hide for sure

EVERY single place in the country, hell the world, has problems. EVERY. SINGLE. PLACE.

GusBob, I know you know what I just said, but I had to say it. I'm a progressive, and I get really tired of people from other states gleefully bashing Florida. Do they think that motivates people to do better ? It doesn't motivate me. I didn't need anyone to dwell on our shortcomings.

People love the fact we pay no state income tax here, and voila, that creates a lack of revenue to do good things. The state lottery has been paying for most of education for years, when it was NOT supposed to supplant the usual revenue. People everywhere want good things for nothing, and Florida is no exception. No income tax and nice warm weather has attracted millions of people to live here for decades.

At any rate..... I know the Florida bashing will continue, and I'll go back to my usual vow of silence. Best wishes to you, Gusbob.

BlockIQ Escalates War on Ad Blockers


As consumers turn to ad blockers to avoid advertising on their mobile and computer screens, marketers and content providers who depend on pitches to pay the bills are searching frantically for ways to counter the pesky programs. BlockIQ offers them one.

BlockIQ, owned by AdSupply, which recently merged with Adaptive Medias, has launched BlockBypass. The software can detect users of the popular ad blocker AdBlock and perform a number of countermeasures, including circumventing the ad blocker.

Websites can configure BlockBypass as aggressively as they wish. They can just educate a visitor about the harm of ad blockers to websites that depend on advertising to stay alive. They can refuse to serve content to a visitor until an ad blocker is disabled for the website. They also can choose a nuclear option and bypass the ad blocker altogether.

"The incredible growth of ad blocking has reached the tipping point where sites will no longer be able to operate," BlockIQ CEO Justin Bunnell said.

Web sites need to have NON-IRRITATING ads. End of story. Then ad blockers will mostly decline. Kind of simple, really.

A good percentage of the "good leftists" are rightwingers laughing their asses off

What the percentage is, I don't know, but some of the stuff people post is just.....so over the top, it HAS to be a rightwinger. The rest of the "good leftists" are so politically naive, it hurts.

Some of the Senator Sanders supporters are, I'm convinced, stealth trolls....

I think the RNC wants to run against Senator Sanders because of SOCIALISM (which none of us here are scared of in the least), and so these trolls are trying to harass Secretary Clinton supporters. I can't prove this, but that's my gut feeling.

ok my two cents

Best case: He drops all the racist crap and really most-stupid crap he's said, and governs as a moderate Republican, having periodic fits of televised rage because Congress won't snap to. Democrats block his most conservative stuff. He's a one-term President.

Worst case: He really means all the racist crap, and tries to get Congress to go along. Democrats plus a few sane Republicans spend four years blocking him. He manages to piss off Putin, North Korea and Iran enough to set us back 40 years but no nuclear war gets started (I think Trump is smarter than that). Mexico starts loathing us. Canada wonders if we've truly gone insane this time. Our allies start thinking of us like they did under GWB43. He's a one term President, and goes in the Hall of Shame next to GWB43.

Hopefully I just wasted my time.

Best wishes and some advice....

1- Study up on your diagnosis, from GOOD sources on the internet like webmd, Mayo Clinic, etc. It will help you immensely, I promise you. Try to learn the lingo as well as you can, so you can communicate better with your doctor.

2- About your doctor: Ok, here goes. Yes, SOME doctors and psychiatrists are really nice people with no God complex, and can accept suggestions and feedback. However, in MY experience, they are very touchy and territorial creatures. Do not ever try to play doctor or tell THEM what to do. It sucks, but it's the way it is. Be very tactful and diplomatic, and just describe your symptoms as precisely as you can. If they are competent, they will know what to do. Don't suggest an exact dosage, because you will get asked where you went to medical school. Don't suggest a medication, because of the same reason. You will learn how to work with your doctor eventually. Hopefully you have a humble nice doctor. Ask leading questions in a semi-dumb Columbo-ish kind of way. They will pick up on your lead, if he or she is competent.

3- Lithium is great but very powerful. Get your blood levels faithfully. It's not something to be casual about. Take it exactly as prescribed, which is my suggestion for all psychotropic meds.

Best wishes to you, and keep us updated.
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