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Good morning all! :) Any thoughts on this Kialo.com place ?



Leeroy Jenkins creator releases never seen before cut to raise awareness about net neutrality


Leeroy Jenkins has returned once more to ruin World of Warcraft raids, but this time for a good cause. The creators of the infamous meme released a never-before-seen dry run of the botched attack, this time with the hopes of raising awareness about net neutrality.

The original video was published on May 10, 2005, but has enjoyed enduring popularity and places in pop culture, from Jeopardy to The Daily Show. YouTube channel Anf Pal published a video dubbed “Leeroy Jenkins First Take/Dry Run,” in which the group runs through their plan just before Leeroy (aka Ben Schulz) starts his infamous charge. “I've been holding onto this for over a decade waiting for the ‘right’ moment to make it public,” the description on YouTube reads, “and then last week Ajit Pai created his awful/condescending video and it riled me up so much that I decided it was finally time to unleash this gem of Internet history on the world to do my part to help out.”

As it stands, net neutrality is dead. FCC chairman Ajit Pai led the vote to repeal the Open Internet Order on December 14. But the battle isn’t over just yet; some lawmakers are vocally supporting resolutions to undue the repeal, while pro-neutrality groups are preparing for a legal fight. The YouTuber adds that he will make a “sizeable donation” to the EFF and related organizations if the video generates ad revenue. “Hopefully some of you will find this interesting and/or amusing, and will take some time to research net neutrality and make a fuss about it,” he wrote.

For anyone who still believed the video was real, however, this cut confirms the run was staged (or at the very least, a dramatic reenactment). Sorry about the death of your favorite “real” meme, but net neutrality is at least a worthy cause.

Michelle Obama Writes Exceptional Thank-You Note to Local Greek Restaurant


A three-location fast-casual gyro chain in San Francisco, called Souvla, has a high-profile fan: Michelle Obama. In fact, she loves this place so much that she ordered it for a recent plane ride back to D.C., then afterwards wrote Souvla’s staff a very nice letter saying how much the food improved her five-hour flight.

Now, granted, Obama is a dining connoisseur with few equals. (On past Bay Area trips, she’s eaten private meals with Barack prepared by Alice Waters and Quince’s Michael Tusk.) But Souvla’s Greek fries and lamb leg must’ve really called her name the day of that flight, because staff tell Eater San Francisco that her crew came in and ordered “pretty much everything on the menu,” which includes the spit-fired meat sandwiches, salads and sides, and frozen yogurt.

Here’s the thank-you letter she sent last week, shared yesterday by Souvla, calling the in-flight meal “phenomenal,” and adding it “made our long flight home so much more enjoyable”:


another Instagram to the owner: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bc-Hns5Hl9G/

Sean Brock And Anthony Bourdain Eat At The Waffle House



Norad tracks Santa site


Now headed for Madagascar!

first thing I saw when I looked at my phone this morning was this...

courtesy of this: Microsoft Launcher on Android


A balmy -26C (-15F) at the North Pole right now

Cat lovers will love this, now to translate the Russian lol

eta: laboriously translating here

"Never nobody....

eta2: "You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. It is your life, not geometry theory"

Post your favorite IT/nerd song: "Write in C"

BTW, Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah/Happy Festivus to everyone in CHaS!

and of course, this one:

The Day The Routers Died...

Nearly Dying In Childbirth: Why Preventable Complications Are Growing In U.S.


Leah Bahrencu's kidneys and liver shut down. Samantha Blackwell spent a month in a coma. Cindel Pena suffered heart failure. Heather Lavender lost her uterus.

Every year in the U.S., nearly 4 million women give birth, the vast majority without anything going amiss for themselves or their babies. But more than 135 expectant and new mothers a day — or roughly 50,000 a year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — endure dangerous and even life-threatening complications that often leave them wounded, weakened, traumatized, financially devastated, unable to bear more children, or searching in vain for answers about what went wrong.

For the past year, ProPublica and NPR have been examining why the U.S. has the highest rate of maternal mortality in the industrialized world. That relative high rate of death, though, has overshadowed the far more pervasive problem that experts call "severe maternal morbidity."

Each year in the U.S., 700 to 900 women die related to pregnancy and childbirth. But for each of those women who die, up to 70 suffer hemorrhages, organ failure or other significant complications. That amounts to more than 1 percent of all births. The annual cost of these near deaths to women, their families, taxpayers and the health care system runs into billions of dollars.

Top general tells Marines to be prepared for a big fight

Source: Washington Post

The Marine Corps commandant told about 300 Marines in Norway this week that they should be prepared for a “bigass fight” to come, remarks his spokesman later said were not in reference to any specific adversary but rather intended to inspire the troops.

“I hope I’m wrong, but there’s a war coming,” Gen. Robert Neller told the Marines on Thursday, according to Military.com. “You’re in a fight here, an informational fight, a political fight, by your presence.”

Neller was visiting a Marine rotational force near Trondheim, about 300 miles north of Oslo. The Marines have been stationed there since January. Their presence in Norway is intended to support operations by NATO and the U.S. European Command, as well as to help the Marine Corps facilitate training in cold weather and mountainous conditions.

But Neller and other Corp leaders told the force they should be prepared for a change in their peacetime mission, should the need arise. In particular, Neller predicted the Pacific and Russia to be the focus of any conflict in the future outside of the Middle East, Military.com reported.

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/checkpoint/wp/2017/12/23/theres-a-war-coming-top-marine-corps-general-tells-u-s-troops
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