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Member since: Sat Oct 16, 2004, 01:04 PM
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Opinions about US economy in the near future ?

The recent stock market volatility sparked this question. I'm a bit concerned that the official unemployment rate will start going back up. It's been at 5.3% for two months now.

Happy National Dog Day! Here are some videos of presidents and their dogs.


Wednesday is National Dog Day, one of the more-than-365 pseudo-holidays each year that give us an opportunity to try out a new hashtag on social media. In this case, though, it's a welcome one, for a variety of reasons. First, the day is meant to promote dog adoption which is a good thing that you should do. Second, dogs are objectively great. And, third, the other news out there in the world is so numbingly grim and horrible that talking about dogs is in all ways preferable.

We figured that you, like us, could use a nice little mental break from the day's horror. So we took advantage of the day's theme to pull out some wonderful videos of presidents past and present, playing with or celebrating our canine friends. Enjoy.

videos at link!

Stop everything, Seattle: Amazon will bring liquor to you in an hour


(yes original headline)

The next time you're out of liquor at a party or can't bear to get up from the couch to go buy beer, and you're in certain parts of Seattle, Amazon wants to help.

The online retailer has added alcohol to a growing number of items its Prime Now members can order for one-hour delivery, but only in the company's hometown of Seattle.

Here's how it works: If you pay $99 a year to be an Amazon Prime member (which includes free two-day shipping, video streaming, etc.), then you can download the Prime Now app for Android and iPhone. The app includes a number of items for delivery, including beer, wine and liquor, milk, ice cream and toilet paper. Because you never know when you're going to need an emergency ice cream sundae and a bottle of wine. Plus, if your big-screen TV breaks during an important game, you can have one of those delivered in an hour or less too.

If you use the app for two-hour delivery, the service is free. Want that bottle of tequila at your door in an hour or less? It will cost you an extra $7.99. In a nod to the limits of convenience, you can also only use this magical service from 8 a.m. to midnight.

My current EDM jam: Delerium (ft. Jael) - After All [Official Music Video]

eta: I actually like this remix better

BEST campaign ad in history, and it's from CANADA! (this is funny not controversial)

Love it!

Black pitmasters left out of US barbecue boom


The US is in the midst of a barbecue boom. But as television programmes and restaurants celebrate mostly white pitmasters, are the cuisine's African-American roots being forgotten?

After a morning of peeling potatoes, Daryle Brantley sits at the only table outside of his counter-service restaurant C&K Barbecue. His daughter Jamila emerges from the midcentury building, a barbecue outpost that has been perched on a corner in north St Louis county since 1963. She has two white Styrofoam containers in her hands - rib tips with a side of baked beans and coleslaw, and the combination sandwich, which is two pieces of white bread piled with rib tips and crispy baked pig snouts. The meat is smothered in a tangy tomato- and vinegar-based sauce, which the restaurant is known for. Everything is made fresh each day, in house.

Since taking over from the original owner in 1983, the Brantleys have enjoyed a great deal of success with their traditional St Louis-style barbecue. There are lines out the door, as well as accolades from both local and national media, from Maxim magazine to PBS. There's even a line in the 2002 movie Barbershop extoling the virtues of the ribs at a fictionalized "C&K on 75th".

"You just got to believe in what you're doing and keep it consistent. That's why we've survived over the years," says Daryle, then gestures to the steaming boxes in front of him. "Once you taste that, you'll see."

more at link

Meet The Members Of Donald Trump’s White Supremacist Fan Club

(yes original title)


The members of what one might call Trump’s white supremacist fan club include:

The Daily Stormer, a leading neo-Nazi news site, endorsed Trump on June 28. “Trump is willing to say what most Americans think: it’s time to deport these people,” the site said in its endorsement. It then urged white men to “vote for the first time in our lives for the one man who actually represents our interests.”

Richard Spencer, director of the National Policy Institute, which promotes the “heritage, identity, and future of European people,” said that Trump was “refreshing.” “Trump, on a gut level, kind of senses that this is about demographics, ultimately. We’re moving into a new America,” Spencer said. “I don’t think Trump is a white nationalist,” Spencer added, but noted that Trump embodies “an unconscious vision that white people have -- that their grandchildren might be a hated minority in their own country. I think that scares us. They probably aren’t able to articulate it. I think it’s there. I think that, to a great degree, explains the Trump phenomenon. I think he is the one person who can tap into it.” Spencer, Osnos notes, is not the stereotype of a prejudiced yokel: At 36, he is clean-cut, and boasts degrees from elite universities. The Southern Poverty Law Center, Osnos says, calls Spencer “a suit-and-tie version of the white supremacists of old.”

Jared Taylor, editor of American Renaissance, a Virginia-based white nationalist magazine, said: “I’m sure he would repudiate any association with people like me, but his support comes from people who are more like me than he might like to admit.” Taylor later told Osnos: “Why are whites supposed to be happy about being reduced to a minority? It’s clear why Hispanics celebrate diversity: ‘More of us! More Spanish! More cucaracha!’”

Michael Hill, head of the League of the South, an Alabama-based white supremacist secessionist group, said Trump was “good” for the white racist cause. “I love to see somebody like Donald Trump come along,” Hill said. “Not that I believe anything that he says. But he is stirring up chaos in the GOP, and for us that is good.” Osnos attended a speech Hill gave to a crowd of cheering followers in which he railed against the “cultural genocide” of white Americans, which he said was “merely a prelude to physical genocide.”

Brad Griffin, a member of Hill’s League of the South and author of the popular white supremacist blog Hunter Wallace, has written that his esteem for Trump is “soaring,” and has lauded the candidate for his “hostile takeover of the Republican Party.”

Add to all these David Duke, ex-KKK Grand Wizard.

Former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke Endorses Trump for President


The Donald has been in a bit of news involving white supremacists of late.

Of course, it is not Donald Trump’s fault that one such supremacist wanted to rename a North Dakota town after him. It is also fairly safe to assume that Trump didn’t ask notorious former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke for an endorsement either, but nevertheless he got it.

According to Buzzfeed, during his radio program last week, Duke lauded Trump as “the best of the lot [of presidential candidates],” praising him for his outspoken ideas about immigration.

“I praise the fact that he’s come out on the immigration issue. I’m beginning to get the idea that he’s a good salesman. That he’s an entrepreneur, and he has a good sense of what people want to hear, what they want to buy,” Duke said, adding that Trump “understands the real sentiment of America.”

Ok, now it's really official.

Donald Trump: No state dinner -- only Big Mac -- for China's president


Washington (CNN) If Donald Trump is president and the leader of the world's second-largest economy comes to Washington, he can expect little more than a Big Mac from McDonald's -- O.K., make that a double.

Trump vowed Monday not to throw Chinese President Xi Jinping a lavish state dinner as the Chinese leader will enjoy in September when he visits the U.S. for meetings with President Barack Obama, a little over a year after Jinping hosted Obama in China.

"I'd get him a McDonald's hamburger and I'd say we gotta get down to work, because you can't continue to devalue (the Chinese currency)," Trump said Monday night on Fox News. "I would give him a very, yeah, but I would give him a double, probably a double size Big Mac."

Trump sharpened his attacks against China on Monday after the U.S. stock market took a dive over concerns about China's economy, leading Trump to call for "a big uncoupling" of the U.S. and Chinese economies.

God help us if this man a) stays in the race and b) becomes President.

Visitors no longer welcomed to Scotland's 'Penis Island'

(yes original headline)


The real Penis Island: Mavuva, off the coast of Fiji's Vanua Levu

Visitors disembarking at the ferry terminal on the Scottish Isle of Bute are sadly no longer greeted with a Gaelic sign reading: "Welcome to Rothesay – The doorway to the beauty of Penis Island", after the local council moved swiftly to correct a balls-up and add a missing accent.

According to The Scotsman, the sign had for nine years read "Fàilte gu Baile Bhòid – An doras gu bòidhchead Eilan Bhoid", until Gaelic-speaking visitor Coinneach Combe spotted a critical omitted grave accent on the final "Bhoid".

Accordingly, instead of reading "Eilan Bhòid" ("Isle of Bute", innocent tourists were copping an eyeful of "Eilan Bhoid" ("Penis Island".

Combe recounted: “I actually live in Johnstone in Ayrshire. I just noticed it when I went across for the Highland Games. I’m a native Gaelic speaker and I’ve seen wrong spellings before, but I was gobsmacked.”
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