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"Did Traffic Cameras Catch Glimpse of a Bigfoot Family?"


in reference to : https://www.facebook.com/AZDOT/photos/a.137665612971817.29041.117553941649651/785835181488187/?type=1&theater

My Skype account was just compromised per Microsoft...

They sent me a legit email, so I went to the Skype site and made my password as strong as they allow.

FYI. I don't know if this is going around. I checked Google News and no mention of Skype hacks so far.

Conservative group trying to mount anti-Trump ad campaign


A top conservative group is trying to coax wealthy Republican donors to help fund a multimillion-dollar ad campaign and other efforts against Donald Trump — the latest sign of growing anxiety within GOP circles over the businessman’s dominance in the 2016 race.

But some GOP financers are skeptical of the plan, fearing it will only fuel Trump’s outsider pitch. The lack of consensus illustrates how Trump, for the moment, is a problem without a clear solution in the eyes of party leaders worried that his controversial rhetoric and tactics are hurting the Republican brand.

Officials with the Club for Growth — a prominent anti-tax group that frequently targets Republicans it deems insufficiently conservative — said Friday that the organization began reaching out to its network of donors in recent weeks to help pay for an anti-Trump TV ad blitz. The organization’s super PAC, Club for Growth Action, would run the ads, the group said.

“What we’ve said to our members is that ‘Trump is a liability to the future of the nation,’ and we’ve asked them for support for Club for Growth Action to get that message out,” Club for Growth President David McIntosh said in a statement to The Washington Post. “We’re also doing research, like we do on candidates, into his economic policy positions. At this point, we haven’t taken anything off the table — be it TV ads or any other means — to expose Trump as not being an economic conservative, and as actually being the worst kind of politician.”

Syria conflict: Ministers to 'argue for UK military action'


Ministers will start to make a case for British military action in Syria next week - with Downing Street keen to take the "next step" against so-called Islamic State - the BBC understands.

Sources said ministers planned to lay the groundwork for a new Commons vote.

The government plans to set out its achievements in Iraq so far with RAF air strikes and training of Kurdish and Iraqi security forces, sources said.

The BBC also understands a small force could be sent to Libya.

*end of excerpt*

More on Syria further down in the article.

Bernie Sanders has got his own set of emojis


Need to express your enduring love for Bernie Sanders and a particular emotion at the same time?

Now, there's an app for that. At a time when politics and pop culture seem to overlap more than ever — when Kanye West and Deez Nuts are both seen as presidential candidates with actual potential by many voters — is anyone really surprised that Bernie Sanders has been emoji-fied?

The Berniemoji app, which is free to download from the App Store, allows users to insert emoji modelled on the candidate’s face into digital messages. Feeling happy?

Tell your entire contact list by adding a cartoon image of a smiling Sanders, complete with flowing white hair and granny glasses, to an email or text. In a sour mood?

Ky. clerk’s attorney: Marriage licenses ‘not worth the paper they’re written on’


MOREHEAD, Ky. – An attorney for jailed Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis said that the marriage licenses issued Friday to a series of same-sex couples here are not valid.

“They are not worth the paper they’re written on,” Mat Staver said outside the Carter County Detention Center, where Davis is being held on a contempt charge.

“Our position and the position of the clerk of Rowan County is that those licenses are void,” Staver said at an afternoon news conference in Grayson, about 35 miles from the Rowan County Courthouse.

Staver said the licenses issued Friday aren’t valid because they were issued under the county clerk’s authority — but Davis hasn’t granted that authority.

*end excerpt*

They are issued under the authority of the OFFICE of county clerk, not Kim Davis personally. So, you're wrong Mr. Staver.

Key Democrat Ben Cardin opposes Iran deal


Washington (CNN)In a setback to what has otherwise been a largely successful White House drive to secure enough support to implement the Iran nuclear deal, Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin announced Friday he will oppose it.

Cardin, who is Jewish and the top Democrat on the Foreign Relations Committee, is only the third Senate Democrat to oppose the deal, which is otherwise nearing enough support to prevent a GOP-authored resolution of disapproval from even getting to a final vote.

"Throughout the process of evaluating the Iran nuclear agreement, I continuously returned to two fundamental questions: Is this deal more or less likely to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear weapons state? Would rejection increase or decrease the likelihood of the nightmare scenario of a nuclear-armed Iran?" Cardin wrote in an opinion piece for the Washington Post. "Despite the rhetoric coming from all sides, this is not a clear choice. Nobody possesses clairvoyance."

"This is a close call, but after a lengthy review, I will vote to disapprove the deal," he said.

Disappointing, but I'm glad a veto will be sustained now without him.

OK, I looked up the Kentucky Rules of Professional Conduct for attorneys....


Of course this is about Kim Davis' attorney, Mr. Roger Gannam. I don't know if the attorney is licensed to practice elsewhere, as well. Someone said earlier that he committed malpractice by advising her to go to jail. Is this covered in these rules ? Thanks in advance.

eta: Matt Staver is one of the other attorneys.

Private island for sale in the San Francisco Bay (only $5M, what a steal! sarcasm off)

In a city with some of the highest home prices in the country, a private island in the San Francisco Bay is now for sale for $5 million.

Red Rock, a 6-acre mass of rock, sand, vegetation and minerals, was for sale for $22 million in 2012. The price was slashed to $9 million after there were no takers then dropped again.

Red Rock can now be picked up for the price of many homes in San Francisco, and it comes with a secluded beach, stunning views of the San Francisco skyline, and promises of great fishing.

There are no homes or other structures on the island. It is accessible only by boat or helicopter.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/article33690153.html#storylink=cpy

Inside the VMAs’ D*******t Afterparty: $50,000 Bottle Service and Justin Bieber’s Sad Karaoke


The two highlights of this article (or lowlights depending on perspective):

from: https://instagram.com/p/7DvJqtQE62/ (those are US Dollar figures on the right side of the menu)


I turn around and there’s that goth Arby’s guy, standing up on a table. I yell at Bieber, “Take your hat off!” and a member of his entourage tells me, “That hat looks fresh, bruh. That’s my boy right there!”

Seeing a massive celebrity up close is pretty thrilling, but it wears off after about 15 seconds. I mean, if I saw Jackie Chan in real life and he was doing flips and beating people up, I’d probably start crying. But seeing a gangly 21-year-old kid with a fuzz-stache singing live karaoke to his own song felt sort of sad. It was like watching a trained elephant being prodded to come out and do tricks. It bummed me out.

Then I started thinking about how much money this fuzz-stache has and how people like him are the only types of people that can afford a $50,000 order of “You Only Live Once” or a $25,000 “You Can’t Sit With Us.”

edited title of original article.
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