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Member since: Sat Oct 16, 2004, 12:04 PM
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Star Wars: The Old Republic: PC Performance, Benchmarked


I thought this might be informative for a few here

Linking a https website seems problematic

Here is my example from this web page:

I'm trying to link the words "tell the president" to this site: https://secure.aclu.org/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=3909&s_subsrc=111215_NDAAveto_fixNDAA

Here is my attempt: [link:secure.aclu.org/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=3909&s_subsrc=111215_NDAAveto_fixNDAA|tell the president]

As you can see, you cannot even see the "linkified text". I'm using the usual link: format. Am I doing something incorrect ?

When I mouse-over the link on ACLU's page, it says http://www.aclu.org/fixndaa

Using THAT link, I can do this: tell the president

ACLU: President Obama: Veto Indefinite Detention


Dec 16th, 2011

Posted by Laura W. Murphy, Director, Washington Legislative Office at 4:03pm

As I write this, the Defense Authorization bill is on its way to President Obama's desk. The bill contains dangerous, sweeping worldwide indefinite detention provisions.

Leading members of Congress have already indicated that they believe that these provisions could be used by this and any future president to indefinitely detain people without charge or trial — even American citizens and others picked up within the borders of the United States.

According to reports, the President's advisors are recommending that he not veto this legislation despite earlier promises to do so. We need to tell the President to listen to the American people.

There are moments in America when our freedoms depend on the willingness of a President to act firmly and decisively to sustain our fundamental values; moments that decide the course our nation takes for years to come.

A big credit to you Brits for forcing the unemployment issue upon Cameron

Every time I watch PMQ, Labour and the other parties are forcing the issue of unemployment upon Cameron. Cameron always skirts the issue, makes some "feel-good" statement, and/or manages to bash Labour somehow.

I wish our Democrats were so forceful in advocating for lower unemployment.

If you want a good laugh from the Meta forum, go here:


I think it's worth your time

Tim Armstrong Just Opened A Meeting By Giving 150 AOL Execs $10,000 Bonuses


AOL hosts a "global operating meeting" twice a year.

It's holding one right this very moment in New York to firm up the company's plans for 2012.

A couple sources tells us that Tim Armstrong just opened the meeting by giving everyone in attendance – about 150 execs – a $10,000 bonus on the spot.

"About $1.5 million just for showing up!" says our incredulous source.

*end of quote*

Two thoughts: 1%, anyone ? And AOL execs getting a $10K bonus ?

Home computer security: do you measure up?


Last month we released new research showing that, while most people do take some steps to protect themselves online, there are opportunities to do more.

The Microsoft Computing Safety Index (MCSI) is a scoring system of more than 20 steps you can take to help protect yourself online.

Many of you probably already do the basics, such as turning on and leaving on your firewall, using antivirus software, and keeping your operating system and other software updated. But, do you regularly use search engines to monitor the information that’s available about you online? Do you use passwords that incorporate letters numbers and symbols?

Find out how you measure up, by taking the survey.

*end of M$ quote*

Is anyone playing Star Wars: The Old Republic yet and what do you think ?


Probably one of the biggest launches in MMO history, Star Wars: The Old Republic began giving early access to gamers who preordered the game a few months ago. Many say this is the MMO that will finally break World of Warcraft’s subscription numbers in half. With a beta that saw over two million people jumping around with lightsabers and blasters, and with WoW’s subscription numbers decreasing slightly, we leave it to the Fanboys to discuss which MMO is better and which will reign supreme! Who do you agree with?

Trivial question: will the backlog of questions in ATA at DU2 be answered ?

Just curious

Link to DU2 ATA

Do you love to cook for yourself ? Or is it just a "survival" thing ?

I envy the people who love to cook for themselves. I think cooking for two or a family, etc. is a different and more enjoyable matter.
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