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Member since: Wed Oct 13, 2004, 05:42 PM
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Trump's VP pick is a "young Earth" creationist as well as a climate change denier.

Bad Astronomer Phil Plait lowers the boom on Mike Pence, Herr Drumpf's choice for Vice President, who is playing to the evangelical right as well as the big oil and coal lobby:

Iíve written a word or two about Donald Trump, as you might imagine, but not much on his vice presidential pick, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (except to say, unshockingly, that he is a climate change denier).

You know anyone picked by Trump to be his running mate almost certainly will have a problem with established science, of course, but it turns out Pence is also a young Earth creationist. And one with a lot of conviction about it, too. In 2002, while a congressman from Indiana, he gave a short speech on the floor of Congress denying evolution, and used quite a few misleading, if not outright false, claims.

Phil offers this video of Pence making a fool of himself on the floor of Congress, then goes on to debunk his dumber statements:

Phil sums up:

I feel that at the very least, a vice presidential candidate should uphold the Constitution, especially the First Amendment.

Not that Trump appears to have any desire to want to, either. That makes them quite the pair. I hope that come November, they can be unemployed together.

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