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Member since: Wed Oct 13, 2004, 05:42 PM
Number of posts: 8,636

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President Cthulhu?????

Could Cthulhu trump the other Super Tuesday contenders?:

A mighty bruiser is rising in the US presidential race, aiming to lead the country into ‘a new golden age of mass sacrifice and unmentionable horror’

If you thought Donald Trump in the White House was your worst US presidential election nightmare, think again: none other than HP Lovecraft’s slime-encrusted cosmic horror Cthulhu is running in the 2016 election.

But what do voters need to know on this Super Tuesday about the tentacled candidate who aims to blow open the two-party race? The aspiring leader has a usefully informative website for those interested. Here we learn that like the current Oval Office incumbent, Cthulhu – who is standing on the “eldritch horror” ticket – hails from an island in the Pacific. It’s not Hawaii, though: it’s R’lyeh, the lost sunken city where, according to Lovecraft, Cthulhu waits to take control of the world.

And there’s no point asking to see his passport … millennia-old Cthulhu predates such bona fides. In fact, he predates countries. And people. So why the US – and why now?

I tracked down his campaign manager Eminence Waite to find out. “His influence on US history is subtle but potent; from stock market crashes to rising global tensions. He has been a part of our nation from its inception,” Waite says. “His presidential campaign is about unleashing an unending wave of insanity. He has selected the US population as his chosen people and he will lead them to a new golden age of mass sacrifice and unmentionable horror.”

Loving Vincent: A beautiful tribute to Vincent van Gogh

Loving Vincent will be a totally hand-painted animated film tribute to the beloved painter.

Here's the website for the film.

What are you actively doing for your chosen candidate?

Please note: I am saying nothing against any candidate, and I am certainly not telling anyone to leave the Democratic Party, just the opposite, as you'll see if you follow my posts in the next few days. I just want people to check in and say what they're actively doing for their chosen candidate.

Please note also: I have taken care to word questions about activity for both candidates exactly the same:

Pics from last weeks: "A Future to Believe In" rally in Kansas City

From Bernie Sanders spoke at Kansas City's Bartle Hall last Wednesday, to a crowd estimated to be at least 1,7000.

The sidewalks were already packed by the time the doors opened officially at 11:00AM.

(Ahem) The grey-haired dude in this second picture is me, helping people in the crowd sign 'Commit to Vote' cards for the March 15 primary. Other Bernie volunteers were getting people to sign 'Commit to Caucus' cards for March 5.

What a beautiful crowd!!!! Young and old, straight and gay!

Bernie was on fire, as usual, and the crowd loved it!!!!

After the rally, volunteers signed up attendees to phonebank for Bernie.

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