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I would advise caution about accepting this too quickly!

Don't get me wrong; I'm a space geek from way back. In 2013, I sat glued to my PC watching Icarus Interstellar's Starship Congress, especially the third day when Dr. Harold 'Sonny' White and others talked about 'Black Sky' (way beyond Blue Sky) concepts like warp drives.

Dr. White and his Eagleworks Laboratories are the researchers on both his tabletop warp bubble demonstration and 'Q thrusters' like the ones described in the article.

Dr. White's presentation at the Starship Congress:

Here's where I need to advise caution; a lot of people in science remember debacles like:
  • Cold Fusion,
  • The 'discovery' that the force of gravity seemed to be lessened over superconducting magnets, and most recently,
  • The 'discovery' of 'superluminal' neutrinos at CERN
I remember a NASA researcher expressing caution about the superconducting magnet research; she made it completely clear that she wanted to avoid another 'cold fusion.'

In summary, remain skeptical, or at least tentative until this is replicated. I understand that other NASA centers and university labs are working to get independent verification.

There were rallies in support of low-wage workers in Kansas City and 200 other cities today!!!!

There was an estimate of 2000 people marching along KC's Main Street and around the University of Missouri KC Campus. I saw signs supporting fast-food workers, home care workers, adjunct faculty and janitors. The rally speakers included KC's mayor and representatives from faith communities.

There were earlier rallies and protests at fast food outlets around the city:

I'm proud to say I was at the rally and the march. My feet are sore, and I know I'll be really sore and stiff tomorrow morning; but, I'm really glad I was there.

Please post pictures from marches in your city!

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