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Member since: Wed Oct 13, 2004, 05:42 PM
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Cruz, Rubio and the Dominionist danger in this election cycle.

The current focus is on Donald Trump and his horrid remarks; not enough attention is being paid to the 'second string' among the front-runners and their connection to dominionist theology. and people need to be informed about this.

There have been some excellent posts about Ted Cruz, his freaky father and their relationship to dominionism (Thank you, madfloridian!).

I need to point out that Marco Rubio also has some disturbing links to this extreme segment of the Christian right: Do a Google search on "Marco Rubio Dominionism" and you'll come up with links like:

Rubio Accepted Endorsement from Dominionist Who Claims Constitution Based on Bible:

Yesterday, in an April 14, 2015 Huffington Post blog post, I covered Senator Marco Rubio's close ties to the Miami, Florida megachurch Christ Fellowship, which boasts an anti-gay hiring policy and whose head pastor, Rick Blackwood -- whose sermons Rubio says he specifically goes to the church to hear -- rejects Darwin's theory of evolution and promotes exorcism and Young Earth creationism. But Christ Fellowship is not overtly political. Enter David Barton.

Barton claims the Constitution is based on the Bible, maintains that the separation of church and state is a myth, says Jesus opposed the minimum wage, and has published writing that appears to endorse "biblical slavery" for non-Christians.

There are other GOP candidates with dominionist leanings; but, of those: Carson is sinking in the polls and Huckabee was always a no-hoper. Both Cruz and Rubio have a credible chance at the nomination and a slim but credible chance at winning the White House next year.

Is interstellar travel possible?

So many people on this forum believe that the great distance between the stars will always make travel between them impossible; but, a lot of people are disagreeing.

For more ideas, check out Icarus Interstellar.

Edited to add: Here are more cool pics of the IXS Enterprise starship shown in the second video.

Third millennium questions for a sustainable world: Rachel Armstrong

Dr. Rachel Armstrong is a professor of architecture who has developed concepts for sustainable, habitable structures that can be grown. She was a featured speaker and facilitator at Icarus Interstellar's 2015 Starship Congress. Her bio on the Starship Congress speaker's page reads:

Rachel Armstrong, professor of Experimental Architecture at Newcastle University, innovates and designs sustainable solutions for the built environment using advanced new technologies such as synthetic biology and smart chemistry. Rachel Armstrong’s new science thesis and book, Vibrant Architecture (Matter as CoDesigner of Living Structures), explores prospects for transformations of matter into habitable structures, which prompts a reevaluation of how we think about sustainability in our homes and cities. The open access book can be downloaded free of charge from this site:

Vibrant Architecture: http://www.degruyter.com/view/product/448453

Dr. Armstrong is also one of the featured thinkers at Blackskythinking.org. "Black Sky Thinking" is thinking that goes beyond "Blue Sky Thinking" into previously uncharted territories. Black Sky Thinking is what we will need for the human race to survive and thrive on Earth and in space.
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