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Member since: Tue Oct 12, 2004, 11:32 PM
Number of posts: 18,675

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My plays his piano in his flooded house


Jim Bakker, Christian thief convicted of mail & wire fraud and conspiracy just said that if Trump is

impeached it would start a civil war because the Christians would rise up against it.



I think the DNC needs to hire a thousand anti-trolls to post on social media - Youtube

Twitter, Facebook and in the comments pages of right winged propagation sites like Breitbart and Info-wars.

If you look at some of these places there are so many posts that look the same. "I am praying for our great president Trump" for example.

Even if they were given short progressive FACTS to post and re-post we could at least have a hand in this dis-information game.

I cannot see us winning another presidential election unless these fake news and fake trolls are contained. (Also we need to use an algorithm to get real news to the top of Google for a fucking change)

It may not even take a thousand people, (maybe a couple hundred college students part time?). I have made anti-Trump posts with a link and just kept clicking on pro-Trump videos and pasting them as the latest comment. It does not take that long to bombard a lot of pro-Trump and racist videos if you just keep pasting. I know that is what the Russian bots do

A tweet by #45 about Joe Arpaio from 2012

Congratulations to @RealSheriffJoe on his successful cold case posse investigation which claims @BarackObama's birth certificate is fake


Twitter thread on the extent of Arpios disgusting crimes


Whoever has the pee tapes please release them. This man child is burning down the country

The only thing that will stop him is being so humiliated he just fucking leaves.

Edit: Adding to ask for recs and kick. I just realized his ignorant followers probably don't know anything about these tapes. It's our job to let them know.

So what if #45 said no more black people in the military. Would they have to follow him with that


I can't believe he is just making this fucking proclamation about banning transgendered people in the military and everyone is supposed to follow his orders.

What if the jerk proclaimed that gay people were not allowed? Even though they all got the green light during the Obama administration would they have to now listen to Donny 2 scoops?

I think this guy is trying to break everything he can break just to break it. There is no rhyme nor reason, just destroy.

He can't go soon enough.

So the editor of the Blaze is the person Chris Hayes is talking to like he is normal

I thought "The Blaze" is Glen Beck crazy?

Seriously, they have an anti-Blive Lives Matter article on their front page. And another one showing how great it is that Alan Dershowitz "Shut Down" Joy Reid

I hope MSNBC does not get fucked up by Bannon's new "war".

There is no way in Hell that a Glen Beck magazine should be taken seriously by MSNBC.

Edit: To add the page that had a hit piece on Joy Reid. I am not showing this to support this page but to show what a piece of shit it is.


I just got an advertisement to buy my new TrumpCare! I clicked and filled in the forms,

changing some information about myself and I think it is just the regular plans under Obamacare that they have covered over with "TrumpCare" to get people to buy them.

Can you imagine them selling the exact same Affordable Health Care insurance to people who heretofore would refuse it because it was associated with the name Barack Obama?

I wonder how legal it is for them to do this. In the finer print it says, "Trumpcare is coming"


Compare Health Insurance Plans and Prices for TrumpCare Coverage

TrumpCare Healthplans is here to help you find affordable health insurance coverage. We are a top online source for health insurance and we're here to offer you the most competitive quotes on the market. Are you graduating soon? Self employed? Working without coverage? Retiring soon? Or simply trying to save money? Look no further.

New healthcare laws are coming. Trumpcare is seen as the replacement of Obamacare – and along with replacing it, it will also expand access to affordable, quality healthcare. Another name for Trumpcare is AHCA, which stands for the American Health Care Act of 2017.

Not sure what Trumpcare or the AHCA is? Here’s a summary from the Statement of Administration Policy* on H.R. 1628, which is the bill that introduced the American Health Care Act of 2017 (AHCA).

“The AHCA offers patient-centered healthcare solutions that will promote innovation, reduce health insurance premiums, and empower doctors and patients to make healthcare choices. The AHCA makes significant and important changes as part of a three step process to repeal and replace the ACA. “

“The AHCA would provide tax credits for Americans to promote affordability; improve Medicaid's sustainability and target resources to those most in need; and return healthcare choices to patients by expanding the use of health savings accounts. The AHCA also would provide for a stable transition from the onerous requirements of the ACA, while providing peace of mind to Americans with pre-existing conditions.”

Some great Tweets about Bannon ouster.





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