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Member since: Tue Oct 12, 2004, 11:32 PM
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This old man really knows what is going on


My ailing father - 93 years old, a victim & defeater of Nazism, a right-wing Orthodox Jew - was asked by the physician in the emergency room, seeking to ascertain his cognitive state:

"Who's the President?"

My dad: "You don't want to know".

Jeez, I love my dad.

LeeAnn Tweeden should be investigated for groping men on stage


Now that Al Franken is resigning for groping @LeeannTweeden...

Can we also fire @LeeannTweeden for the numerous sexual assaults she's committed?

Sexual assault against men is still sexual assault.

Don't ignore male victims.

Dog loves 101 Dalmations


Considering the unconstitutional way the tax bill went through is it possible for a judge to step

in and nullify it?

The states can Trump Trump's pardons

The States Can Trump Trump’s Pardons: State Prosecutions for Money Laundering, Hacking Conspiracy, Tax Fraud, and More By Jed Shugerman

...... the states and the federal government have overlapping but separate sovereignty, and each can bring their own prosecutions for the same acts as long as those acts violate both federal and state law. For example, in the Rodney King case, police officers were found not guilty in California state court, but they were later convicted in federal court for federal crimes that covered the same set of acts....."

(I've only copied the crimes mentioned and not the explanations of what they are and how they apply to the Trump cabal's activities)

II. Possible state crimes

1. Tax fraud.

2. Money laundering

3. Conspiracy in Computer Hacking (and Stolen Property)

4. Conspiracy to Violate Privacy:

5. Loan fraud and mortgage fraud

6. Quo Warranto powers - ....... Every state attorney general has the power to investigate “ultra vires” wrongdoing by corporations in their state and to dissolve those corporations, as a modern extension of the English “quo warranto” writ. Delaware and New York can investigate the Trump Organization for emoluments, as the Trump Organization is incorporated in those states.

7. Witness tampering and obstruction of justice:


The GOP tax scam has a "person-hood" bit that furthers their attempts at anti-woman and anti-choice

On page 93 of the “tax bill” Republicans are trying to redefine what constitutes an unborn child as the moment of conception. The tax code is no place to slip in something that could be used to outlaw abortion. A yes vote on this is anti-women & anti-choice.


From Snopes.com regarding this: Thanks to still_one


Placing this language in the bill is a strategic political effort that further highlights an escalating trend and effort to constrain and curtail full reproductive health and rights of American women. […] The term used in the bill, “unborn,” is not a medical or scientific distinction, but a political one. Politicians are now seeking to grant the “unborn” legal rights, but primarily in relation only to women. […]

Substantively, these efforts not only seek to grant legal rights and identities to embryos and fetuses, but they also seek to frame a conflict of interest between women, endowed with constitutional rights, and an embryo or fetus such that legislators will claim there is no difference in the legal status between a pregnant woman and fetus.
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