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Member since: Tue Oct 12, 2004, 11:32 PM
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Why aren't the public figures trying to head the Trump investigation in another direction

not guilty of obstruction of justice?

Serious question that I may have asked before.

Does it have to be directed at the actual law enforcement to be obstruction?

What about Sean Hannity giving out bullshit information in an attempt to divert millions of people away from the truth that Meuller is actually investigating members of the Trump campaign and cabinet? (What about fucking Devin Nunes and the tricks he has played?)

And Sarah Sanders - She has to know she is lying and trying to divert reporters and the public away from the truth.

What if a family member of mine murdered someone and I started a rumor that the murder was done by someone else and provided fake information about it, in an attempt to change the direction of the investigation?

Is that obstruction or not? I'm asking seriously because everytime I see one of them do something like this I shake my head and wonder how they are allowed to get away with it.

NAACP issued travel advisory warning people of flying with American Airlines


The NAACP has issued a national travel advisory warning people about flying with American Airlines.

In a press release, the social justice organization said it was "alerting travelers — especially African-Americans — to exercise caution, in that booking and boarding flights on American Airlines could subject them to disrespectful, discriminatory or unsafe conditions."


Found this on my FB page! If there is anything wrong someone here will tell me I'm sure

While everyone is distracted with the recent shootings, protesting, fires and storms, guess what? They passed a bill to cut Medicare and Medicaid.
The House just passed a bill to reduce Medicaid spending by $1 trillion and Medicare by $473 billion.
That's along with the:
$37 billion in cuts for affordable housing,
$100 billion for Pell Grants,
cutting Head Start by $3 billion,
and essentially gutting the WIC program that provides food assistance to 1.25 million women, infants, and children.
While everyone is rightly consumed with the recent tragedy of Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, Houston, Florida, St Thomas, St John and St Croix, the House has passed this bill.
What sort of people are doing this? As if we didn't know.

Union leader files charges saying Jerry Jones violated Federal Law with anthem ban



Cowboys owner Jerry Jones reportedly threatened to bench players that opt to kneel when the anthem is played at the beginning of the games. “If we are disrespecting the flag then we won't play. Period,” he told the news media after Sunday’s game. “We're going to respect the flag.”

That’s a violation of the National Labor Relations Act of 1935, according to the Local 100 United Labor Unions, which represents workers in the southeastern states of Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana.

On Tuesday, the group filed a charge with the Fort Worth office of the National Labor Relations Board, saying Jones’ public statements attempt to threaten, coerce and intimidate team members.

“The law is the law. And it’s against the law to threaten someone’s job,” said chief organizer, Wade Rathke. “Mr. Jones is way, way, way out of line here. And he needs to get back in his lane.”


"We were just very offended that someone could so brazenly attempt to take away workers rights and with impunity threaten jobs. That's just offensive to any American."

OK so I just did this

First I went over to the Dallas Cowboy's site and on their "Contact" page I gave them a bit of my mind. I told them how racist it is to take away their players' 1st amendment rights to protest the police brutality that they face every day and that they need to learn about systemic racism and racial profiling

After I clicked "submit" I came upon a page where you could ask for donations from the Gene and Jerry Jones Family Foundation explained below

The Gene and Jerry Jones Family Foundation and the Dallas Cowboys are happy to review in-kind donation requests from 501c3 non-profit organizations holding auction or raffle fundraisers when provided at least an eight (8) week notice of the scheduled fundraising event. To be considered for a donation, please submit a request using the system below.

So I submitted a request. I initially just said I wanted them to make a donation to the ACLU but they wanted detail and a type of fundraiser so I just winged it

I would like you to have a big benefit gala to raise money for the ACLU. And I would like you to have someone from the ACLU speak at the Gala about systemic racism in our country. You obviously need to learn about this and you need to make amends to your black employees for suggesting that their civil rights are not as important as your personal beliefs. You are taking away their right to protest against police brutality that they routinely experience. Your behavior has been unethical and insensitive and you need to make amends

The name of my organization is: A private citizen with a message

I'm sure there won't be a gala to raise money for the ACLU coming soon but maybe they'll get a message and donate some money. Jerry Jone's net worth is 5.6 billion. He can surely spare some. And if not I've had my say with them - twice

Best video you will ever see

It's on someone's FB page so I'll just post that link. It is the first post but you have to scroll a little.


So Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance dropped case against Trump kids after a big donation

ALBANY - A state assemblyman wants state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to investigate Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance's decision to drop a case against two of President Trump's kids.

Vance received a $31,000 donation from Trump's personal lawyer in 2013 after deciding not to prosecute Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr.

Vance in 2010 began looking into whether Trump’s kids misled prospective buyers in a failed Manhattan Trump Soho project, but ultimately dropped the case over the objections of his investigators, according to a report by WNYC, ProPublica, and The New Yorker.

In a letter calling for Schneiderman to investigate the matter, Assemblyman Dan Quart (D-Manhattan) said “a district attorney must not only adhere to the laws that govern public officials, but be held to a higher standard.”



I wish this will be the topic of the next protest of Trump + Trump Jr. + Ivanka

I just remembered something

Trump pledged 1 million to help hurricane victims.

I would love someone to ask Sarah Sanders about it
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