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Member since: Tue Oct 12, 2004, 11:32 PM
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Want to find out if your doctor is getting money from drug companies? I started looking after a

pain doctor who I see suddenly has his office filled with all sorts of anti-medical marijuana bullshit. It is coming up on the ballot in Nov. I posted about him previously. http://www.democraticunderground.com/10454259

So who are the biggest blocks against medical marijuana? BIG PHARMA AND THE DOCTORS WHO ARE IN CAHOOTS WITH THEM. It is all about money!


Here is one of the physicians who is fighting against Medical Marijuana in his office in FL right now and the money he has been given by pharmaceutical companies.

Listed Specialty: Interventional Pain Medicine

8255 COLLEGE PKWY, STE 100, FORT MYERS, FL, 33919-5119



Rank: 2 out of 169 doctors in this specialty and state


Then there is a list of all the fees paid to this doctor. I do not understand fees for food and beverage.

Types of Payments


37 $93,466

18 $30,900

373 $11,220

4 $3,400

23 $3,365

1 $20

At a pain doctor's office. It is filled with anti-marijuana bullshit!

To the point that their is a huge sign sitting right in the front with things like:

"Colorado's teen rate of pot use is up 4 times than before legalization" FALSE!

"Untrained caregivers would give it to their patients" They give the opiates that these doctors prescribe too!

All the bullshit comes from this site. Anyone know who is behind it big time I would love to know.


I know that these doctors want people to come in every month to get their opiate prescriptions. I think they know they are going to lose money.

Shame on them! I wish I could out them somehow.

There is a "Toolkit" at the site and I found a couple of the printouts that were at this office.

I fear this fuck heads will win again and it will al because of greed.

I have to get rid of Comcast before I do something I regret. Any opinions on the best internet


I checked through and went to 2 sites, one with the top 4 and the other that just said "the best" and the both had reviews on each.

The reviews of these, "best internet providers" were terrible!!! (Some I never heard of like PeoplePC, Frontiers)

I want to increase my speed, which right now is about 10 mpb download and not pay for Comcast because I hate them.

Someone said Xfinity would go up to 100mpb but it was more expensive. I am beginning to not care.

So this dentist who agreed to give me about $3,500 back since the implant became infected

and was crooked and I did not want him to redo it AND and I realized I had given this man all my savings which was about $8,000 during the last year.....will not give me that check until I pay an extra $1,350 for the last crown he did. But WAIT..............

I also started checking the prices with the dental discount plan I have and realized that they were not giving me the discounts they were supposed to be giving me and a couple times upgraded some charges and always to their benefit.

So called them and told them and today I went there and all of a sudden the actual "regular" prices were much higher, making it look like they gave me a bigger discount.

I feel violated by them.

Does anyone know if they can hold on to that check until I pay them the $1,350. They have it written in their bill that it is supposed to be a credit but then they never credited me. There ledger of my payments and their charges is all fucked up.

I feel like screaming.

Another unarmed black man shot dead while running away from police. Video


One of the cops, after the O'Neil was dead said, "He was shooting at us right?" They were firing on him while he was still in his car and after he was running from them they ran after him and shot him in the back.

Who wants to bet there will be another mass cop shooting somewhere soon?

This was posted by someone else last night and seemed to sit there so I am posting it again. Please kick and recommend and give this air time!!

Friday, August 05, 2016 10:23PM
CHICAGO (WLS) -- Video showing the Chicago police shooting that killed 18-year-old Paul O'Neal was released Friday.

More than 40 hours of video captured by police dashboard and body cameras was released to the public via the Independent Police Review Authority's online case portal around 11 a.m.

The Amish may be farming the cure for asthma in barnyard animals!

(If someone from the N Y Times see this I am not linking to your site because I cannot copy from your site. So I'll give the links to someone else's site!)

I had asthma as a kid. I also had a horse for a few years and felt so at home in the barn and I can't remember being sick then. I also dreamed of my family moving to a farm. Maybe my body knew something.

"Amish children who’ve grown up exposed to barnyard germs have much lower rates of asthma than kids raised in more sterilized environments, according to a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The science supports something our grandparents have long suspected: that playing in the dirt toughens kids up. The new research backs up this hygiene hypothesis, suggesting that Amish children inhale microbes from their constant contact with animals during their formative years, which activates their immune systems and protects them against asthma.

The researchers compared the Amish of Indiana to the Hutterites of North Dakota. Both farming groups share genetic backgrounds and simple lifestyles, but there’s a big difference in how they farm.

The Amish raise their barns — which their kids often play in — close to their homes. They use horses for farmwork and transportation, and they shun electricity. But the Hutterites use electricity and live on industrialized farms, with the cows housed in huge barns farther away from the houses that children don’t play in. And guess what? Only 2% to 4% of the Amish suffer from asthma, yet the Hutterites see asthma in 15% to 20% of their members."


A 1995 T Shirt saying "Someday a woman will be president" was removed from Walmart because people

complained! It went against "Family Values"

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