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Member since: Tue Oct 12, 2004, 11:32 PM
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Fighting debt collectors for the rest of us

(I have to edit this post since someone thinks that even though I said I was a "VICTIM" that I must have deserved this abuse because I owed money. I did not owe ANY MONEY. I dealt with an unscrupulous business that signed my name to a loan. These collection calls happened about 13 years later and the first caller told me he knew I could pay because I had a trust fund. So apparently that is one of their tactics now too, going after people they think they can fool and who can pay. My credit score is over 800. I pay my damn bills but I understand very well that one of the reasons I can pay my bills is because I have been fortunate. And I know that other people have not been as fortunate and it is for these people that I write this post. These people upset, scared and fooled me and I know they do it to others. I just realized at some point that they were blowing smoke and I didn't have to bother with them)


Here is the original post

So as one who was a victim of these people how about this.

If you end up on the phone with one of them and they start to demand payment blah blah say something like, "What are you wearing?"

And then continue on, improvising and being creative remembering that your goal is to make them cringe, in an unhappy way, the same way thing they make you cringe but along a slightly different vein.

And if they threaten you with harassment pop a bottle of champagne because you just won!

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